Lantern Festival @ Luna Bar

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last night was lantern festival, I didn't celebrate. But me and my bf went to Luna Bar.

His course mate - TJ's birthday. So, TJ invite us to Luna Bar.It's an open air bar. It is my first time went there. The environment there very nice and comfortable. It is a nice place for gathering and chit-chatting with friends.

This is the interior of Luna Bar. Look nice and high class right?

Opps.... here, we start busying take picture. LOL

Me and my dear. ^^

Arg.... i'm so short and F.A.T!!! (keeping fit.. hee~)

SS picture. Looks silly.

Oh... he meet with new friend. A Korean guy who can drink alot.

Oh.. The birthday boy is drunk. LOL ^^ They keep on pushing him to drink. Coz is his birthday.

Not really enjoy the night. Duno why. LOL!!!
Anyway, i'm happy coz Luna Bar is a nice place.
I feel comfortable with the place.

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