canon in D major

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I think it shouldn't sound weird to you when I talk about canon in D major right? It is one of the most famous piece of music. It was written in or around 1680, during the Baroque period. I won't talk more on it's history because you can found it on any website.

I think lots of people love this music included me. I love this music since I was in Form 5. Until now, canon in D major still is my favorite music. I even found out the piano pieces. There are many kinds of piano pieces. Some are easy and some are more complicated.

At last, I found the piano sheet of Canon in D major. WOW!!!! I was so happy. When I get the piano sheet, I directly sit in front of my piano and start playing. I really enjoy it. I love chorus most. I studying at KL now, no piano here. So, every time I back to hometown, for sure I'll play this music.

Here are the music to share with you guys.

First, Canon in D (piano solo) by Pachelbel. LOVE it.

and Second, Canon in D major (rock) by Jerry C. I love this too. It made you feel like you're at the concert. Hee~


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