Deep in heart

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yesterday I was so down. Suppose I have account class at 12pm. When I arrived, there is an announcement on the white board >> "CLASS CANCEL".


Then, I have some chit-chat with course mate and our topic are surround with those final assessment and exam for this semester. Suppose, one of our design assessment is on next Thursday (25th Oct) and our lecturer want us to submit our model on yesterday first. So, we still have one week to prepare our technical drawing and panel.

Well, my model is worst. It is because I don't have any interesting in this subject and I don't have any great idea. Thanks God that my daddy was helping me in my model making when I back for raya holidays.

We thought after we finish this assessment we'll feel relax a bit. At least one of the 5 subject had finish. Who knows? My friend said :"Lecturer postponed the assessment date to 15th of Nov and he said most of our model need to re-do."


POSTPONED??!!!???!??!!! RE-DO??!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!

My mood suddenly down to deep valley. I hardly can't accept. It's ok if just postponed the date. But if re-do the model..... I really can't accept. BUT I need to accept this fact too~ I don't know why lecturer wanna torture us. MENTALLY TORTURE.

2pm, I show my model to lecturer. As what my friend said, he ask me to re-do my model. Not only re-do, he ask me to re-design again!! WHAT???!!!!???!!! Re-design? Still left one more month before the assessment. It is not enough time for me to re-design. I really don't know what should I do. That moment, I felt super depress, stress and lots of weird feeling came at one time. I feel wanna cry that time.

No one I can rely. I told my bf about this case. Then he comfort me with some words. Actually, he really don't know how I feel that time but I didn't blame him. I feel that he can't understand me in this situation. Anyway, thanks for his words and comfort. I know even if I keep on telling him this, he still won't understand. So, I just keep deep in my heart.

Yesterday noon mummy call me, I cried but without her notice. I wanna told mummy about this but I didn't. Because I don't want she worry. I don't want anyone feel down or frustrated or worry cause of me.

There is only I can rely >>>> GOD. I prayed. Hope God will lead me to the way. Hope I can get a new idea as soon as possible. I know I didn't get any answer from God but I still believe God is working. The only place I get comfort.

No one really know how I feel.

No one.

Only ME.

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  1. baby...
    dun be sad...
    i will always stand by you.
    even if i dunno nor understand your feelings but i will be with you always always...

    love baby...

    from your baby =)

    cheers !

  2. Thanks dear...
    Thanks for always be with me. ^^


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