Great decision

Saturday, October 27, 2007

But I'm ok dy.

Today morning, nicole, stephanie and me went to find those factory that willing help us out in our model making. Start from 11am, end up at 4pm. Is not easy to find a factory or shop that willing help us do our design. The unit we need is one only. So, most of the factory can't make for us.


Drive here and there.
Turn here and there.
Find here and there.

Today is sunny day. That's why super HOT.

Actually, is kinda tired.

Then, we aim for small shop. This is because, most of the big factory won't help us do. At last, we found one shop that willing help three of us. Thank God. The man was so kind.Help us find out what size is suite for our design. Really thanks alot. (actually I don't know he is the boss or worker.. Hee~ ^^)

Hu.... At last, we feel relief. LOL. Especially Nicole, she was so happy. Then we headed to silver ho "shopping". LOL. We bought many things but is cheap. ^^

Back to the dilemma part. Actually, there is another of my coursemate wanna find a shop to help her make model too. Then, we feel like don't wanna let her know. It is because we scare the boss not enough time. He need to do 3 models dy. If add 1 more, then there are 4 models he need to do. We also scare the boss will simply do our model.

So, i keep ask Nicole how to tell her that we dy found a shop that willing help us make model. But without cheat her. Arg...... That time I really don't know what should I do? How I wanna tell her????

I don't wanna cheat her. So, I use the other way to tell her. Then she keep on ask me question. She ask me, when I'll go to meet the boss again? I used at least 30 minute to think how I wanna tell her. Cant' cheat her also.


I prayed to God. At last, I decided to tell her the actual answer. I told her that tomorrow morning I'll go to meet the boss again. I feel peace in my heart.

WHY I decided told her the truth? There are few reason:
1. She is my cousemate, I think we should always share what we have or what we get. So that next time she won't stingy to share with us. I think >>> if our coursemate don't share anything with us, then we won't gain any knowledge and for sure, we'll feel angry or upset.
2. She treat me good. Why should I treat her so?
3. God told us not to lie. (I admit, sometimes I lie in some circumstances. So, I still need the strength of God to help me and I'll try not to lie.)
4. I think God don't want us be a stingy person.
5. I don't wanna be a bad girl. I wanna be a good girl.
6. She's not my enemy. Why I can't share with her with what I get?

So, tomorrow we'll meet up and I'll bring her to meet the boss.

It's 3.03am.

Good night.

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  1. sleep earlier la..later u got panda eyes and it's bad to skin...

    tell me ma

  2. blek~ =p

    tell u? sure u'll feel bored with my story de la~


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