Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last week was my holiday. One week.
I back to my hometown - Kuantan.
I was very happy and feel relax when back to home.
At least, I no need feel so stress when face with my assignments. I don't know why.

Most of the time I stay at home >>> continue "rushed" with my assignments and model making.
Thanks daddy for helping me in model making.


Between, I still spare some times with family and friends.
Last Wednesday (10th October 2007), I had dinner with my best ji mui.
Unfortunately, I just able meet with one of them only.
Because another one work at Singapore.

*missing her*

Well, we went to Cherating Steakhouse which located at Jalan Beserah, Kuantan.

*** Cherating Steakhouse ***

*** Looks small but is a great place to chill out. ***
Aiya, the motor spoilt the view.

*** We started "ss" when waiting our's food. ***

*** My best ji mui forever - Pey Geng ***
Here I introduce her to you.

Dare not upload too many our's ss photos.

At last our foods arrived.

*** Chicken Chop - RM14.50 ***

*** Fish and Chips - RM18.00 ***

*** Acting cute??!!? ***
But I love this photo.


*** PG with her chicken chop ***
It tasted delicious.
~Yummy yummy~

*** with my fish and chips ***
I gonna eat "you" now!!!

We chit-chat there almost for 3 hours.
Hard to meet with each other if both of us didn't back to Kuantan.
But sometimes, I'll go Sg, Long find her.

I gonna miss you, my best ji mui.

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