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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last 2 weeks I back to Kuantan. At last I got the chance to meet with church friends. I think we didn't meet with each other for 3 months dy.

We yc at Kemaman Kopitiam. Glad and happy to meet with them althought not all of them is coming, but I still very happy. We have chat many things. Our life, study, friends bla bla bla bla... Unfortunately, we chat until forgot to take photos.

------ SAD -------

That day, really happy. A happy gathering. Everytime I gather with them, I'll feel warm and happy. I feel very comfortable. There are no fakers. Everyone is so sincere and nice. I miss the moment we serve God together.

After I back home, then I go and find out all those photos we took together. Here, is some of the photos at year 2004. After 2004, I seldom take photos with them dy, because 2005 I dy study at KL.

Here is some photos when we had a mission trip at Dungun, Terengganu. Year 2004.

*** Group photos ***
Pastor Paul and family went to KL church dy, Some of us study at KL, Edward married and staying at KL now, some of us went to another church.

When we can meet again and go for another mission trip??

*** We can as silly as you guys ***

*** YEAH!!!! ***
Little Shur is so cute.

*** Edward, dare you bully us again??! ***

*** Hey, you!!! ***
This is wai Hon.
When is your turn to get married??! hee~

*** ah liew gor gor and edward ***
Yeah, they like to pose. All of us like to pose too.

*** Erin Jie jie and sook fun ***
Erin jie jie is a great piano teacher now.
Sook fun is my spiritual "mummy". I love her so much. ^^

*** silly and cute ai wei ***

*** aiyo, siow ching is too heavy dy. LOL ***
Can you see the happiness on our face?
Siow Ching is my beloved little angel.
She is studying at Inti, Nilai.

*** Hmm... at last. ***
That time I was so thin. Arg.... KEEPING FIT!!!!!!!

*** I like this photo very much ***
Forgot who took this picture for me.

*** Little Shur is "combing" my eyebrown ***
I miss my long straight hair.

*** Angry face ***

I didn't purposely show this face. Don't know who took it without my notice. hee~

*** We are a happy big family ***

*** YEAH!!! Victory ***
Hm.... what am I looking at??!!???

I really miss the every moment, every minute we share together.

Thanks for being my brother and sister who so care about me.

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