Raya Public Holiday

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yesterday was Raya public holiday. Is my second day back to KL. I need to go to Putra LRT station which located at KL Sentral for my research.

My bf come pick me up and we went to Mid Valley first. Then we ride KTM from mid valley to KL Sentral. I think most of the people back from their hometown today. Lotsa people at KTM station.

*** KTM station at Mid Valley ***
Many people back from their hometown.

This is what I do for my research.

*** Ticket selling machine at Putra LRT ***
I'm doing research on interface design. This is one of my case study.

Mission accomplish.
Then we ride KTM back to Mid Valley.
Time to shopping!!!

BUT..... is WINDOW shopping.

First, we went for lunch & dinner. Because is already 3pm+++. Almost 4pm.
We went to Chopstick Noodles House.

*** Hm..... wonder what to eat ***

*** Wow, too many choices ***

*** blink blink ***
My favorite desserts.


*** ZOooooooM in ***


Food arrive, but not mine. Heee~

*** Budakakuni Ramen -东坡拉面 ***
RM 13.90

It is a set meal, come with a cup of Ice Lemon Tea.

But why it looks so big different in the menu??!!!?

*** Big different right??!!! ***
Can I sue the Noodle house??

*** Taste the soup first ***

*** Then try the ramen ***

Is he enjoy his meal?
He said not delicious at all.
I tasted.
It's TRUE!! Not delicious la!

At last, my dessert is here.

*** Citrus Romance - 鲜橙椰青龙眼龟苓海底椰 ***
RM 5.50

Long name huh? ^^
This is nice.

I didn't eat, only dessert.
Don't know why this few days no appetite.

After that, we went for window shopping.
Everywhere is BIG sale.
Sale here, sale there.
Seem like whole year also big sale. Right?!!?

Have a great day.

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