Thursday, November 29, 2007

28th November is one of my best ji mui birthday. So, we have a small celebration for her on 27th November. There are 5 of us - me, my bf, sz & her bf - hc and pg (birthday girl). Sad that gm and her bf - ks can't join us. Gm is working at Singapore and Ks still waiting to graduate at Australia.

So, we had the celebration at Station 1, Sg. Long. Long time never have such gathering since we graduate our F6. This gathering brought us back to the moment we crazy together. Really miss it. Well, as usual, we took lots of photos. LOL.

*** Always 4 minus 1 = 3 ***

*** Best friend aka ji mui***

***Come! Let me introduce >> Beer Tower.***

***Beer Tower***
Pg treat us. I didn't see this kind of thing before. That's why I feel fresh. Haa~

***Cheers for our friendship***

They said I looks silly here. Yeap, I know. ^^

***I belong to her***

***Two silly girl but they are part of my life.*** ^^

***sz and me***


***Come on, 5 of us cheers together***
Friendship forever.


***Hehe... silly photo***

***November babies***

***Birthday present***
Left > From gm and ks; Right > From me and ws


One of my (friend which is her housemate too) ask me to bring her back on 12am. Because her housemate wanna give her a surprise. So, after we finish the cake at Station 1, 4 of us send her back. Yeah, another suprise for her.

***With "part" of her housemate***
All are from Kuantan. Form 6 schoolmate and classmate.

***US... again...^^ ***

more photos > Click Here

I chat with her on msn just now and she told me that this year is the most happening birthday for her. I'm really happy for her.

Girl, Happy 22th birthday.

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