Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Sunday, around 9.30pm, I received a call from Nicole. She asked me wanna have BBQ? My reaction was:"Huh? I just finish my dinner, now wanna BBQ?" She said just for fun la, since holiday start and nothing to do now. Then I said:"Let me think first."

10.30pm. Nicole send me a message:"Come la, just for fun."

OK la. Since I also nothing to do. Then Nicole and Sean went to buy some foods. Well, is really simple.

*Tada.... This is our foods.*
There are only jagung, hotdog, meat ball and drinks. It is very simple right? Heehee~ But we don't mind. As long as we enjoy it.

*Sean was preparing.*
It is dy 11pm.

*Yeah, we enjoyed.*

It seem like we having picnic.^^

*Long time didn't play swing dy*
I miss the moment.

*Special effect*
Hee~ Love this photo. ^^

*Sorry, we start ss*

*Naughty girl*

*Sean said we can publish our album dy.*
LOL! I think is a great idea too. Hehee...

*Ah tat looks so cute*

*3 girls + ah tat = balance of the seesaw*

*Sean capture skill is getting improve*
Keep it up, Sean.

We really had a great night that day. Thanks to Nicole to had a sudden BBQ. Haa~ Although they are only 5 of us, but we still enjoy. That night, all of us were crazy. We talk nonsense, capture silly photos, and acted silly. Thanks to Tat that bring happiness to us. ^^

There is not much time for us to have such gathering or BBQ in future, because we still left one semester to hang out together. After that, all of us will graduate and headed to different place and dreams. Cherish every moment.

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