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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday morning (19th Nov), we have a presentation. It is a relax presentation, because we just present about our practical training that dy pass for few months. Luckily I present earlier. Actually, Nicole and me planned to go to Sunway Pyramid in the afternoon (If both of us present early). Unfortunately, Nicole have to present in the noon. So, we can't make it.

At last, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my bf. This is my second time went to sunway pyramid after their renovation. First time, I can't manage to walk around and see the changes of the shopping mall because I just went there to attend preview screening of Stardust.

Well, this time I walked almost all the places in this building. Pyramid is bigger, more shops - means that we got more choices. Hee~ I like their design. I realized that each corner or wings got their own design.

Before I start my window shopping (I'm poor, no money to shopping dy), we went for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. It was my first time went there. I heard from many friends that their foods is delicious and I also knew it from vian's blog. It was my first visit to Manhattan. I don't know what should I order. All the foods on the menu seem delicious. At last, I ordered Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two. *yummy yummy*

There are too many delicious foods, I don't know which should I choose. A single person meal or meal for two?

*He said this knife looks special, ask me took a photo of it*
Haha... I don't know what is so special about this knife. While waiting for our food, I start capture photo.

*Him and Her*
Fossil vs DKNY. A birthday present from me this year. Happy that he love it because was chosen by him. ^^

*Tropical Breeze (Hawaiian Fruit mocktail)*

*Manhattan Mocha*

*Mayonnaise, garlic & chili sauce*

The waiter is "burning" the foods.

*Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two*

There are kinds of seafoods, deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters and prawns served with chips and garlic rice. All are delicious but I like the garlic rice most.

*Interior of Manhattan*

I like this photo.

*The environment not bad*

After fulfill our stomach, then we went for window shopping. Erm.. Actually we bought something. Heheheeee.... I was wearing high heels, miracle is >>> my leg only feel pain after walk for several hours. Haaa~ I start captured every site of the building. I really like their design.

*Christmas is around the corner.*

*Wish to receive a special gift*

I think, almost whole Sunway Pyramid was printed with my footprint. Randomly. Hee~ I drove when we back. Suddenly, I realize something. My bf's car dy drove 44,444km. So far. ^^ Heheee... So, I capture it. 44,444 = die die die die die (in Cantonese)

More photos >> *Click here*

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