From my love one

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm happy.
Because I receive a comment from my love one.
Not my bf but from my beloved friend.
She is having practical training at Taiwan now. She'll come back to Malaysia soon.
I miss her so much.

She said:"I bet u will love it..hahha,pls visit my blog.. u can c my photo album there..."
Then, I go and view her blog.
I feel touch.
Here is her blog.

A restless week..

i was very busy for the past week,lukily my life back to normal yesterday...

Work n focus on monitor for long hours is torturing my small eyes n driving me mad.. compare, categorize, copy , paste n save.... the same tin repeat n repeat for the past few days.. the bad 1 is,those files contains more than 4000lines... now u can feel my eyes huh?? haahhaha...hopefully the same tin willl not happen again.. oh ya,i'm sorry, i seldom online for the past few days... tell me what i missed when we have the chance to chat in msn or ym... thank u!!

That day i work till 4am in the morning.. While comparing the data, i m very moody n i felt like wanna talk to some1.. At the same time u turn up, n u r so kind that willing to talk to me while u have tins to do... Thank u!! i really appreciate it.. u accompany me when i'm weak. As i said, i will rmb ur kindness. U taught me in many diff inssues. once again, thank u. some words for u, visit pluto if free.(hahahah) ^^

ok,will stop here..oh ya, pls have a look in my photo album if is the link :


c u..... take k n good luck

I am really happy that when she need someone to talk, I was beside her. Actually, nowadays I seldom do my assignment until so late and I also seldom on my msn. But, I don't know why that day I so energetic and do my work until so late. At the same time, I on my msn. Then she message me through msn. Hope that she really feel ok after I've chat with her on msn.

My charming and pretty girl forever - Eunieece.
She's a brave and lovely girl.
She can talk a lot when we went for drinks.
Non-stop talking. Hahaaa...

Girl, I might not beside you when you need me.
Anyway, you're always welcome to find me whenever you face any trouble or any happiness you wanna share with me. I'll always by your side.
A promise between you and me.

Miss you so much!

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