I'm 72% Pure

Friday, November 16, 2007

You Are 72% Pure

Well, you're not exactly an angel - but you're pretty darn close.
But chances are, you have a couple juicy secrets deep in your closet.

Pure? What is the actual definition mean by pure?
For me, pure simply mean by clean.

I saw this test from a blogger and give it a try.
If I took this test 2 years ago, i think the percentage of my pureness will be higher.

Two and half years ago, I came to KL study. That time, my mind still not mature and will easily trust everyone. Well, can't deny that I've learn a lot when I studying at KL. Whenever I went back to Kuantan and date with friends, they will told me that I getting mature. Ya, my look is getting mature. But what they mean is my mind. They said, from the way I talk is totally different before I went to study at KL. Ha~ So, is good or bad?

I think, is good for me. At least, won't easily cheat by others and is more easy to make a decision. When our mind is getting mature, we gain more knowledge. I still remember, one of my "boyfriend" will call me whenever he face love problem. Actually, I can't do anything for him beside be a great listener and give him some words or comfort.

I'm not a great and good in love problems. But, anyhow, I go through a lot up and down with my bf. I also saw many love relationship between my friends. So, I'll know a little more about love. Love is very abstract. No one can define it or everyone have its own definition about love.

Back to my friend, the guy. Few times, he call me and talked about his relationship problem. I just give him some advise and console. I didn't do the decision for him but I give him options and with those options I told him all possibility that could happen if he choose that options. At last, he choose one of the options I gave. I'm very happy that he choose the right option. Wish him luck. He told me that, from the way I talk, it looks like I getting more mature. Again? haha..

I'm happy because I can help him. Actually, I just told him about my experience, or my friend's experience or knowledge I gain from books and magazine.

Yesterday, I talk with my friend who having internship at Taiwan now. She just broke up with her bf. She told me all the problems that happen between them (her ex is my friend too). She keep on ask me:"Min, can you feel my pain? Can you feel what I feel?" I answer:"Yes." Because I been through the hardest hardship in my life before. I really can feel her pain. I hope that I can help her more but I can't do anything beside be her listener and console. I really hope that my words can help her. I know she is a tough and brave girl. Wen, jia you o~

So, back to PURE. In my dictionary, i think pure means didn't do something bad against law, independent of sense or experience, and....... I'll tell you when i get it. ^^ *winks*

Between, I having my holiday until end of December. I still thinking and planning what should I do in this holiday. I want to find part time job. Erm... Maybe freelance in design? I wanna read books that I bought N years ago. ^^ I wanna blog whatever I want, I see, I read, I do. Lol. Hopefully I'll do so.

I wanna go for trip. But no money. Sobs... Three of my coursemate will go overseas in this holiday. Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. So nice. Me? Balik kampung je. Haha... I wanna go to Malacca. I wanna taste all delicious foods there. One of my coursemate is from Malacca. She promised to bring me eat nice and cheap foods. Hm... It is in my holiday list. ^^

From July until November, I keep on rush my assignments. I have not enough sleep. Yes, I wanna have enough sleep from today onwards. Hm... I wanna have a healthy diet too. This holiday I wanna go for gym. Hopefully it works. I have many plans. So, i think, I won't get boring in this holiday. Heheeeee.... I hope my holiday is meaningful and great without wasting time.

Happy holidays.

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