merry merry christmas

Thursday, November 29, 2007

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伴着飘零的雪花,12月,期待的圣诞节慢慢靠近了。圣诞带来温馨、分享和慈爱。 安静下来,真诚的许上一份圣诞愿望,也许在不远的将来,愿望就能实现。 当愿望被真诚一次一次的点亮,温暖的思绪、奇妙的幻想或者 埋藏在心底深深的想念都会在一起交织。

Sorry ya, it is in Mandarin.
This is because Mandarin can express out my feeling and thinking.
(Ya, i admit. My English is poor.)

Hope you'll love my design.

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