Nicole's birthday celebration

Monday, November 19, 2007

I just get all the photos from my friend. That's why I'm late. Actually, I suppose post my blog on last few weeks. Never mind. It's always late better than didn't post it. *winks*

31th October 2007 (Wednesday).

It is the day to celebrate Nicole's birthday. Actually, her birthday is on 3rd of November. Her birthday celebration held earlier because most of us will having exam on that day. So, she treat all of us sing k at Green Box, Cheras Selatan.

There are 12 of us. This was the first time so many people sing k together. Well, I won't talk cock here. Let's the photos tell everything.

*Group photos*

*Birthday girl - Nicole with her bf and 3 friends from UM*

*UPM gang*

*Playful Nicole with her beloved bf-Sean*

*Here I am with Stephanie*

*2 out of 3 guys, Tat and CS*

*US - I love this photo*
Yeap, it is edited. ^^

Yes! They love to post and play. So do us. Heheee..

We really enjoyed singing and capture photos. There are 12 of us, but there is only 3 mic. That why some of us were crazing took photos. LOL. We really love to syok sendiri. Mostly, we sang mandarin and Cantonese song. We also sang new songs. *Thumb up*

*We gave Nicole a surprise, a birthday cake*

*Open the 1st present*
It's an envelope.

*Why she is so happy?*


*Tada.... She get a birthday voucher that worth RM70*
It is a sweet present from seven of us.

*Nicole and Sean receive a couple t-shirt from her UM friends*
p/s: Sean birthday - 2th November. One day earlier than Nicole's.

*Birthday present from CS.*

After sang birthday song, blow candles, make a wish, cute cake, receive birthday present. It is the time to start ss again.

*Li Hooi & Nicole*

*Her roommate - mz*

We took many photos. Really!!

Try and guess, in 4 hours, how many photos that we took?


If i not mistaken, it is around 130 photos.
Get shock?

Well, it is normal (for us). Hee~
Once in a blue moon.

more photos > *CLICK HERE*
It's my friend's multiply account because I lazy to upload so many photos on my multiply.

Last few days, I was busying with my final assignment and exam. That's why I seldom update my blog. Anyway,
tomorrow I'll continue to update. I still got many to share.

Good night.

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