Shabu shabu

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today is my housemate-heng's 27th birthday. So, last night (29th Nov) we had a celebration with him at Shabu shabu which is located at Puchong. It was my first time went to shabu shabu. It was Japanese steamboat. The environment there not bad. There are two types of pricing. First, RM2 for each plate. Second, RM25 - eat all you can. For sure, we choose RM25 - eat all you can. RM2 per plate is not worth.

There are eight of us. We really enjoyed. I didn't took any photos while we eating because lazy and I just wanna enjoy my meal. All of us were happy. Eat eat eat. Eat all you can. Heheee... I ate a lot too but still under my control. We took photo after we "seem like" finish our meal.

*yummy yummy*

*Wahahaaa... Big stomach*
My funny housemate a.k.a birthday boy-Heng.

*Heng with his lovely gf-my housemate too*

*Without me*

*This is the way he make his wish.* ^^

*So sweet_couple*

more photos > *Click Here*

Hu...... At last, I dy finish update all the blog I wanna post. Hee~
Heng, Happy 27th Birthday.

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