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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

24th of December, I back to KL with my bf after I had my 2 weeks holiday at Kuantan and he went to Kuantan for 3 days. *Thanks a lot dear* We started our journey around 1.30pm and we reached at 4.30pm. So fast. Then we direct headed to Sunway Pyramid as he told me that wanna go there on christmas eve. Oh my, we reached Sunway Pyramid at 6.30pm, it was still the same reason > traffic jam PLUS rain heavily.

Thanks God, we found a nice parking place which near to shopping mall entrance after we enter the parking basement. I like Sunway Pyramid parking basement. This is because there are censer on each parking. When the light is red that means the parking place is not available while green means the parking is available. So, after we enter the parking basement, I saw green light far far away, then I quickly told my bf. I like this idea. Cool. So, we no need to find our parking so hardly and wasting our time. *The most difficult shopping mall to find parking is at Mid Valley. Although the parking lot is extended, but still hardly to find parking.*

Then, we started his window shopping and my shopping. ^^ Yeap, I wonder to buy something for myself and of cause some daily stuff. This is my 3rd time visit Sunway Pyramid. I wonder to buy myself a perfume. From my survey of perfume from magazines, I prefer DKNY perfume. I don't know how is the smell, but I just simply like the bottle which is in apple shape.

*DKNY perfume, I jut simply love it.*

I don't know why I can't find it since Sunway Pyramid have many shops and branded item. Feel a little bit disappointment. Never mind, I might find it another day at another shopping mall. Then, I hunt for mascara. I wanna buy Revlon latest mascara as I seen on magazines and tv advertisement. I bought Maybelline mascara before, but I don't like it then I gave to my sister and she told me she love it. Hm... different people different taste.

*Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara*

It said:"25 times fuller, 70% curvier and 80% longer" I wonder. When I went to cosmetic department, they said sold out. Disappointment again. Maybe many people was curious about this new product and wanna try out isn't true on what it claim on the advertisement.

So, end up. I bought 2 items. Eye canceler and eye serum from the skin food.


We had our dinner at Dragon-I. The main and only reason is I wanna eat the siu long bao there. It's my 2nd time visit Dragon-I. First time was at The Street which between Cineleisure and The Curve.

*Dragon-I at Sunway Pyramid*

*Sui Gao with pan mee*
The mee still ok, but the sui gao very delicious.

*Siu Long Bao*
Wow, still so delicious. My favorite and must order food at Dragon-I.

*Mango Gelatin*
Not so tasty and pricey.

There is some unhappy incident. My bf get a call and went out of dragon-I to answer the call. He took long time so I call him and he said accidentally meet with friends, ask me wait awhile. Wait, wait, wait. Arg, my patient is getting lower. So, i called him for times, but he no answer. *ANGRY* Super angry. When he came back, I showed him my angry face. Then, I saw his hand was holding a Parkson shopping bag. So, I ask him what was that and he said he saw a nice cloth then buy it. So, I wanna see it but he don't let. Huh? What was so special? Fine! Since he don't wanna let me see then we just continue our shopping.

Nothing more to buy. So, before we back, he said wanna have a cup of tea at Starbucks. He wanna try out some green tea beverage. So, I choose green tea latte for him. We share the beverage. Wow, it is tasty. Normally, I won't try others beverage at Starbucks beside cappuccino or fruit beverage. But now, I think I'll order green tea latte next time when I step into Starbucks.

*Vian, I know you love java chips, maybe you can have a try on this beverage next time? ^^*

*Green Tea Latte*
Thumb Up.

We didn't join countdown session at KL. After whole day drove car back from Kuantan to KL and to Sunway Pyramid, both of us feel exhausted. First time I didn't countdown for christmas. Countdown at home. ^^

12am. Merry Christmas. Wow, my bf came to me and give me a christmas present. Oh, is that Parkson shopping bag. LOL. Actually, I guess that's the christmas present for me since he don't wanna show me at pyramid.

*My Christmas present from my dear*
Wow, Lancome present paper and ribbon. So, I'm sure is Lancome products.

*Wow, a nice packaging*

*Lancome Products*
There are 3 products in a set of gift box.
  • Hypnotizing Shower Gel
  • Hyponotizing Body Lotion
  • Hypnose Perfume (This is one of my favorite perfume too)
*Hypnose Perfume*
I like the design of the bottle. Simple but unique.

Thanks dear.


Before I back to KL, I get my first Christmas present from my beloved friend a.k.a "mummy"-Sook Fun.

*Maybelline Watershine 3D Essence Lipstick*
Another great christmas present. Love it.
Thanks mummy.

Merry merry christmas to all the one I loved and God bless.

I saw a nice animation from a blogger, so here I share with you guys and is my christmas present from me to you. *CLICK here*

Have a blessed Christmas.

p/s: I still got lotsa things to share. But the connection at Kuantan is so slow so I prefer update when I back to KL and now I already at KL so I'll update soon.

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