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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tagged by Kiki. *Sorry for the late, Kiki*

A : Fun to be around with
B : Loves to make people laugh
C :Really fall in love with
D : Is a great dancer
E : Have beautiful eyes
F :People get wild and crazy to adore you
G : Dont like people to tell you what to do
H : Easy to fall in love with
I: Love to laugh
J : Easy to have fun with
K: Really silly
L : One of the most romantic people
M : Make people laugh
N : Good bf/gf
O : EXTREMELY easy to fall in love with
P : Popular with all types of people
Q : A hypocrite
R : Can kick your ass
S : Lives life for fun
T : Great Kisser
U : Gets blamed for everything
V : Not judgmental
W : Very broad minded
X: Drop dead gorgeous
Y :Loved by everybody
Z : Lives life for fun


Y=Loved by everybody
V=Not judgmental
O=EXTREMELY easy to fall in love with
N=Good bf/gf
N=Good bf/gf
E=Have beautiful eyes

Conclusion? Erm......
Loved by everybody? I hope so.
Not judgmental? I don't think so.
Extremely easy to fall in love with? Maybe, especially those who treat me too good.
Good gf? Still learning.
Have beautiful eyes? Nope, I don't think so.

So... LOL... Just for fun.

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