Sunday, December 09, 2007

Facebook... Facebook....

I think most of us know about facebook right? I was so curious about facebook. What is so interesting about facebook? I wonder. I also read a passage about facebook and the creator on newspaper. He is a University student. Sorry, I don't know what is his name. You can just Google it.

So, to fulfill my curiosity, I applied an account. Well, what can I say? I get stone!!!! Because I don't know how to use facebook beside edit my profile, upload photos and add friends. Others than that ------ I don't know what is that!!!!

Really! I don't know how to use it. So, I try to have a look at others facebook. Wow! Amazing! Their facebook are awesome. Some of them have a pet. So cute. We can even fed them. But I don't know how can I get a pet. Sobs... and I can't find any help setting there.

Today, I had dinner with my ex-colleague. Then, all of them talk about facebook and I keep on listening. Interesting. What they said is interesting. Actually, I wanna quit my facebook account since I don't know how to use it. But after I heard what they said, I just wanna continue with my facebook account. OK. I'll explore it. Hopefully I can get use to it. ^^

Can't deny that facebook is a great site. Although I not yet get use to it but from all the people who use it, no one don't like it after they get use to it. Most of them said, when they first use facebook is really hard for them but after get use to it, they loving it. They continue, facebook is better than friendster.

Really? Ok, I'll tell you guys after I explore it. If you have a facebook account please do add me at le_mins@hotmail.com. Maybe I can get some "tutorials" from you all? Thanks first. If you don't have a facebook, go and apply today. I surely you will love it.

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