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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In 2 weeks time, I had watched 3 movies.
1st, Beowulf.
2nd, The Golden Compass.
3rd, The Heartbreak Kid.

Beowulf is a nice story. Me and my bf went to watched and we thought is real actress. Who knows, is animated people. We kinda disappointed. Anyway, the story is nice.
Thumb up.
Stars : **** (out of 5 stars)

The Golden Compass not bad too.
There will be 2nd episod of this movie.
Stars : ***

Last Sunday (9th November 07) went to Sunway Pyramid watched The Heartbreak Kid. I love to watch comedy movie. Because I feel very relax and can laugh non stop. I watched the trailer of The Heartbreak Kid before and i thought is nice.

Sad. It let me felt disappointment. It is not as nice and other comedy movies. I felt asleep in the cinema and so do my bf. Hahaaa.. I won't suggest you go and watch this movie. Don't waste your money. ^^
Stars: **

I will watch Enchanted with both of my sister this week. Heard that this movie is nice. I hope so. I think I gonna break my record soon.


I love to go to Jusco. Because is the nearest shopping place dat I can go beside The Mines which is nearby my house at Serdang. Sometimes, lazy go to KL town so go to Jusco is the best choice. This time, I went to Jusco which is at Sunway Pyramid.

I love to go Jusco with my bf because almost everytime he will buy lotsa things for his family.(Huhuu.. A caring guy?? Hahaa.. NO la)

***Tada.. This is what he bought.***
Many huh? LOL!!! Some is mine la~


It's holiday, and I try to use my holiday wisely. ^^ 1 and half month holiday, now left 2 weeks. Sobsss... I do many things in my holiday. Do design for iPhone magazine; Do design for fun; Watch moviessssss; Window shopping; Blogging; Online learn html and ccs; and keep on sleep sleep sleep.

Yesterday, I back to Kuantan with my sister. Ya, now I at Kuantan already. I think I have many things to do here. I think so. Hee~ Many people waiting my date. (>0<) Date with old schoolmates, with my best ji mui (she will come back Kuatan next Friday/Saturday), ex-colleague, church friends.

The worst is, the connection is super slow because I using TMNet, not streamyx. After I get use with streamyx at KL, is hard for me to use TmNet here. You won't choose to use TMNet if you already get use with streamyx unless you wanna save money.

Christmas is around the corner and I very happy. Because I am ready to go for christmas party. Heheee~ and next Saturday my bf will drive to Kuantan. *Happy* We will celebrate christmas together again this year and after that I need to wait for 1 or 2 years only can celebrate with him again. Because next year he will go to UK further study. So, I keep on counting the day he come to Kuantan. Hehee~


I capture some of the christmas decoration at shopping center which is Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid. I felt disappointed (again. Ya, again) with Mid Valley's christmas decoration because last year their decoration was awesome and I like it so much. This year, very simple.

***Mid Valley Megamall***

***Sunway Pyramid***

I really like christmas. Love all the decoration in shopping mall. I didn't have the chance to capture christmas decoration at The Curve because that time I went there, the decoration still under construction.

Wish all of you have a blessed Christmas and God bless ya~

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