lovely gift from Japan

Monday, December 31, 2007

Last holiday, many of my coursemate went to trip at overseas. Some of them went to Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and some travel in Malaysia. This is a lovely gift from my coursemate who back from Japan. This is a tumbler. A mini tumbler. I love this gift.

She told us, there is a story about this tumbler at Japan. She said that tumbler is a thing that won't easily get fall, because it will stand up again whenever it fall down. So, it told us must always stand up again and again when we meet problems that let us down. Ya, I agree with it.

Then she continue, all of us must make a wish or many many wish. Then draw a dark round circle on it's left eye. Another side of it's eye let it blank first. After the year end, draw a dark round circle on it's right eye. Then we review back what we wish have come true or not. If come true, then we just give thanks. If nope, then we must continue work hard for it. Just like tumbler.

WOw, I've receive a lovely gift. I'll make my wish on 1st on Jan then draw a dark round circle on it's left eye. Friends, although you don't have this tumbler, you still can make your wish for the coming new year.

Happy New Year.

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