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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Suddenly, think and miss about Old Town. Miss the black tea from Old Town. First time went to Old Town is with my bf and the first old town we went is located at Cyberjaya. Old Town become the place that we always come. Even the staff there also can recognize me and my bf. Everytime we go there, they will say "hi" to us.

Whenever me or my bf feel boring then we will go old town to have a cup of drink. Whenever me or my bf face exam then we will go old town to do our revision. Whenever me or my bf wanna have a rest then we will go old town. Whenever my bf wanna watch football match at outside then we will choose to go old town. We will feel relax at there. ^^

We always go to Cyberjaya Old Town because it is near to our place since he stay at Dengkil and I stay at Serdang. It only take 10 minutes from my house. That's why we love to go there. Old town become the testimonial of our love.

Normally we go to Old Town, I will bring my favourite magazine and he will bring newspaper or his favourite football magazine. After order our drinks then we will read our magazine or newspaper. Just like old folks couple have the tea time together and they are reading which you can see on the movie or drama. I like this feeling. Of course, we also will chat with each other.

I love the black tea there and my bf love Nanyang memorable coffee. Almost everytime I go there, my bf will automatically order black tea for me unless I tell him I wanna other drinks. My bf feel curious why I like black tea so much? Ha~ I also don't know. But I can tell you that hot black tea is not nice. I like ice black tea. I don't know why. But ice black tea is more tasty than hot black tea. Hehe~ Have a try when you step into Old Town Coffee shop.


I miss the time we share at Old Town coffee shop.

I was counting the days you come to Kuantan > 9 more days.

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