23rd birthday Part 2 ~Birthday Surprise @ Izzi

Monday, January 21, 2008

One of my course mate asked me to write "Birthday Surprise @ Izzi" as my post's title. Later I'll tell the reason.

My course mate had a birthday celebration for me on Friday - 18th of Jan, a day after my birthday. We had the celebration at Izzi which located at Bukit Bintang. This place was suggested by me after I done my survey from several foods blog.

I realize something when I went through those foods blog which post about Izzi. There is a similarity on each Izzi's blog. Blogger will introduce one same starter.

***Cheese Dough Ball***

From the bloggers, they claim that this is very delicious. So, I was curious about it then I ordered. Guess what? It is not delicious as what I thought. Felt deeply disappointment. It is nothing so special about it. The cheese is not that cheesy too~

***Chicken Steak with Pasta***

This is very delicious. The sauce is very tasty. So overall is a perfect dish. Haa~ Even my friends also said delicious.

***Spaghetti Carbonara***

***Spicy Italian Sausage Linguine***

This dish taste not bad too~ But nothing special except the sausage.

***Beef Bo Luc Lac***

Thumb Up!! Delicious.

***Pollo Tropicale***
RM25.30 (Regular size)

Delicious Pizza.

***Mocha Oreo***

Before we enjoy our foods. Almost all of us busy with foods' camwhore. Pity those foods. Of coz we took some photos together too~

Yummy foods with my pretty course mate.

The guys.

Course mate, friends and my beloved.

All of us were satisfied with the foods and drinks. We enjoyed the dinner. When we finish our foods. Suddenly, a group of Izzi's waitress came forward to me with a birthday cake and sang birthday song. I was so surprise. O.o Thanks to Izzi's waitress.

When the cake came to me, I notyet make my wish and blow out the candle but all of us crazy with camwhore.. Lol.

Aiks... I'm only 23. The Izzi's waitress had made the mistake. I'm not that old!!!

After that, I made my birthday wish. Sorry for the syok sendiri part. After made my wish, we continue took photos with the cake before I cut the cake.

Yummy cake. Finger licking good.

Strawberry. Just for me.

^^ Cheers.

Thanks for the birthday kiss,girl~

With the guysssssss.

Memorable group photo.

After that, my course mate ask me read the word wrote on the transparent paper which on top of the cake.

***Yvonne, surprise Happy Birthday***

I didn't think of anything weird or special with those word. Then, I cut the cake. Huh!!!! The cake was really hard to cut. They ask me use more strength because maybe the cake was just took from refrigerator so might hard to cut a bit.

Guess what???!!!? This is really a surprise for me. There is something inside the cake.

See anything? Nope? OK, next photo.

Wow!! There is the present inside the cake. What a surprise!!!

See. This is the present pack inside a plastic bag.

A cute necklace. Thanks Nicole, Stephanie, Sean and Tat.

I got another present from Hii and Wei Wei. This is a surprise present for me too. I was so happy. Sadly, Wei Wei can't join us that night. Never mind. will treat her one day.

If you got Secret watch act by Jay Chow then sure you will know what is this surprise present. Yes! It is a piano book which exactly same in Secret. All the song is inside this book. When I back to Kuantan, then I can practice all those songs. This present was bought by Hii from Taiwan. I know this book is not cheap because it is limited edition. Thanks a lot friend.

Feel weird with this photo? I didn't purposely wanna capture with this newspaper. But Hii was using this newspaper to wrap the piano book. So, we told him that many newspaper he can use to wrap the present but why must use this newspaper? The newspaper was report about Chua Sou Lek, our ministry of health.

It wrote "touch and tear drop out". Since I was so touch because receive a special gift. So they ask me act. LOL. ^^

***Acting COoL***

After that, we headed to Pavilion since it is so near and need around 10 minutes walk.


Personally love this photo so much.

Happy moment together.

Didn't go to Pavilion after new year eve. Pavilion already dress up with red deco. Look nice too but I think looks almost same as Christmas deco. The different is just only the color which white for Christmas and red for coming Chinese new year.

All are great poser. Haha~

Here is some edited photos.

Now you know the reason why my friend ask me to write this title on this post.

END of birthday post.

more photos >>> CLICK HERE.

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