23rd birthday Part 1 ~Steamboat

Saturday, January 19, 2008

January, November, and December. This 3 months is most of my friends' birthday~ So, I'll be very poor in this 3 months. Anyway, my birthday drop on January too. ^^ I had a most wonderful and memorable birthday this year.

17th January was my birthday. Between, is my younger sister-Phoebe birthday too. Ya, both of us born on same date, same month but not same year. Again, this year can't celebrate with her.

My younger sister, Phoebe aka Le Yun.
Miss her so much~

Suddenly, felt I'm getting old. This year I'm 23rd already while my sister is 10 years old. Can't back to the time when I still so young. Haa~ Cut off with those crap.

A day before my birthday-16th Jan, I had a simple dinner with my bf. We didn't celebrate on the actual day because my housemate already promise wanna celebrate for me. I think is still the same because he attend too.

So, we went to the nearest shopping mall, the mines. We had our dinner at Kim Gary. Is a common restaurant that everyone know about it. I had a great dinner with yummy foods at there. I get a PUMA bag from him. Thanks ^^

Yummy foods @ Kim Gary @ The Mines

I slept at 11pm on 16th because I was very tired. When I woke up on the next day, I got many sms birthday wishes and some friends' miss call. So sorry. I got many birthday wishes from my coursemate too. Thanks everyone.

At night, housemate had a birthday celebration for me. We had steamboat at home. Although it is just a simple steamboat celebration but all of us were so happy, enjoy and crazy.

Steamboat ingredients.

My housemates.

He is the most funniest housemate I ever had.

We were syok sendiri and took many such weird photos. That's why we so enjoyed and crazy.

Before 12am, before 17th of January pass, they sang me birthday song.

Birthday cake from my housemate.

Another 3 slides of cake from my bf. So ngam, I'm 23rd this year and had 3 slides of cakes. So, I put the small candles on each slide of cake.

I'm 23rd this year. Old already.

Thanks for the wonderful night.

Thanks for the 3rd birthday celebration with me.

The cake is super duper delicious. It is blueberry cake. After that, we play mahjong. Haa~ I'm just a beginner. Although I not pandai, but I still enjoyed.

Again, thanks for the wonderful night. Of cause, I called my sister and wish her happy birthday too~ Family bought her a birthday cake too. Actually my parents ask me bought her a minnie mouse at KL because at Kuantan can't find size of the minnie mouse we want. There is a story between minnie mouse and my sister. When Phoebe was born out, my aunt gave her a minnie mouse. Start from the day, she will hug her whenever she sleep, hug her and walk around the house. The minnie mouse had be with Phoebe for 9 years.

When time pass by, my sister getting taller and the minnie mouse is too small for her to hug now. She love minnie mouse so much. She even told us that she likes to touch minnie mouse's hand because feel nice. What a weird feeling and thinking that no one can feel it and understand.

This is her minnie mouse as her birthday present from family members. It is bigger than her 1st minnie mouse. She still don't know about this yet. I'll bring back this surprise present for her when I back to Kuantan on coming Chinese New Year. For sure, she will extremely happy.

Thanks to all my friends who still remember my birthday. I even got a birthday wish far from Australia and some friends that we didn't contact in this few years. Thanks for the present from my friends too~

Happy birthday to Yvonne and Phoebe aka best sister forever.

more photos >>> CLICK HERE.

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