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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yesterday, my mood was angry but today I was happy~

Let me talk about yesterday incident first. Yesterday, I received my maxis phone bill. Then I checked my usage rate for the previous month. Then I found out that they charge me wrongly for the sms part. I was using sms plan which charge me 1 cent per message.

Last month, I had send out 455 messages. (Don't get shock that I had send out so many message because I was using sms plan and the charge is lower than call so I always prefer message). So, suppose maxis SHOULD ONLY charge me for RM4.55 (1 cent per sms) for 455 sms I had send out. But the bill show RM22++. Then I divided RM22++ & 455 and found out that Maxis charge me 5 cent per sms. WHAT??!!!!??!!?!!!!! I so angry!!!! Then I called Maxis center several times but there is nobody answer the call. *MORE angry!!*

At last, there is an operator answer the call. I told her all the things. Then she checked for me and ask me:"Miss Yvonne, do you still remember that on July of 2007 you had register to family plan but than you change back to 75 plan after a month?"

I tried to flash back. Ya! What she said is true. >>>> Back to the pass >>>(Actually I was cheated by a Maxis worker to use family plan. Before this, I was using 75 plan, than this Maxis guy told me all the benefit about family plan and said give me 2 more FREE sub line. Is FREE! Without any payment! Who knows? The following month, when the bill came, Maxis charge me for the 2 FREE sub line. *Definitely angry* Then I quickly change back to 75 plan after Maxis told me clearly about family plan usage rate as I don't like family plan compare with 75 plan.)

Back to the story. I told the operator that I remember and I continue told her that, that time I was cheated and bla bla bla (I just skip the long long old grandma story). Then she said after I had change back to 75 plan, my number was automatically in call plan which charge me 5 cent per sms. Then I ask her:" why my number was in call plan after I changed back to 75 plan?"

She said:" Because Mr. Yong (my bf) didn't tell us that this number want sms plan."

Me:" So, you guys at Maxis should ask right? Since Maxis have the record that my number is in sms plan."

Operator:"(Told the same thing AGAIN!) Because Mr. Yong didn't tell us."

Me:"So, the operator should ask la!!!!! (start getting fed-up and my volume is getting loud) Why don't ask? How he can remember all this since under his name still got so many sub line?"

Operator:"We can't ask. Mr. Yong didn't tell us and we can't ask."

WHT!!!!!!!!!! What is the bull shit she is talking about? NOT relevant at all!!!!! Can't ask? My bf didn't tell them so they CAN'T ask???!!!!!???!!!!! Got this law?????? I wonder.. I damn angry with her answer.

Me:"How can Maxis so irresponsible? The operator should ask!!!! (fed-up!!!) So, what can I do now? Can you change my bill usage rate?"

Operator:"We can't (She even didn't say a word > sorry.) So, Miss Yvonne can change back to sms plan. (SURE!!!)"


I was really angry with Maxis and their attitude. Those word from her mouth was irresponsible at all. No wonder these few month, my phone bill was so expensive. That time I thought I call out many so didn't check the bill. I had gave Maxis "untung" for half year.

Advise to all Maxis user > be alert with your bill charge, sometimes Maxis will "suddenly" change you even if you didn't use the service (eg, my bf didn't apply caller ringtone but they charge him), please remember check every single charges on the bill, don't simply believe those XXX plan without checking it in detail and try to not believe those people work at food court and ask you to sign up this XXX plan especially work for Maxis. Other network I don't know because I didn't use before.

Haiz... Nothing I can do. Just accept it. I had learn a lesson. Nevermind la~ Cheer up Yvonne.


I wanna share a good news which related with my study. Last semester, we are giving an assignment and there are different titles for us. So, there are few of us choose Durian Opener tool. This mean, we need to design a tool to open durian. Last semester, we done with our research,experimental, mock up and first model. This semester, we continue this project and this is one of our final project for final semester, final year.

Last semester we already done with our model but we can't do the experimental part on our assessment because there is no more durian for sell. So, today we had our experiment on open durian with durian opener tool that designed by each of us. Our lecturer capture videos and here is the videos. If you all have time, have a look on all video. Different design of durian opener tool, different way to open durian.

The 1st video is showing my experiment on opening a durian. This is the durian opener tool designed by me. This is the first time I open a real durian using my durian opener tool. I was so nervous because I scare can't open the durian.

Thanks God. I was success!!!! Yippy!!! So happy that nothing can describe my happiness. Anyway, I still need to do some refinement on my model, get to develop my model again. To be a better durian opener tool. Since this is the final project for final year, so I wanna do my best. Be frank, in this 2 and half year in university, I never feel so "successful" and proud with my model making before. This is the 1st time. YES!! First time. Hee~~


2nd video is showing wei wei open durian with durian opener tool designed by her which name Dubit. Her durian opener tool name it Dubit because "Du" stand for durian and "bit" stand for rabbit. Her durian opener tool design was using rabbit concept. That's why name it Dubit. Cute name! ^^

Any comment? I like her tool because it seem like easily to open durian with less force.


3rd video, Nicole's durian opener tool which using punch concept. Let's watch the video if you don't understand with punch concept.

Her finishing was good and her tool include safety concept. When user use this tool, they won't get hurt by the tool.


4th, is from a malay guy coursemate.

His tool not bad too~ But I don't like his concept because need a lot of step and from the video, it seem like hard to open the durian although he can open the durian successfully.


5th, Hii's experiment with his durian opener tool.

Oppssss... Part of his model broke out, is so funny that he threw away that part. It's ok, because we still need to do refinement and do a better model later. His concept is very simple and I like it.

There are few of us choose this title. Other course mate had their own title. After the experimental session, lecturer gave us advise and improvement that needed on our model. So, we need to do refinement only and I need to put focus on handle's ergonomic.

The first person I called and told this great news is my beloved daddy. ^^ He also felt happy for me and I promised him to bring back this tool and show him how to open durian with my tool on chinese new year.

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