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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Recently, I always wanna crave for nice and delicious foods. So, tonight, I headed to Puchong crave for foods. I planned to go to Bandar Puteri Puchong. Unfortunately, I missed the fly-over, then drove further for U-turn. After U-turn, I passed by Newway Karaoke, then I decided to turn in to the area there and see whether got restaurant with nice foods?

Recently, I so desperate wanna eat pan mee after I read vian's blog about the pan mee she ate. Long time didn't eat pan mee dy. Actually, this morning I had pan mee as my breakfast, and for dinner, I still want pan mee!!!!! Haa~

At last, I found this shop. Restaurant Golden Egg Noodle. WOw!!! Hurray!!!!

There are many types of pan mee. They cook in different way and the soup also different. I think there are more than 10 different types of pan mee if I'm not mistaken.

As we can see on the board, there are 4 types of pan mee's mee - seaweed, chili, pumpkin and coriander.

This pan mee ordered by him. This is the traditional pan mee that cost RM4.80. Taste delicious. The soup taste sweet. I never see this kind of pan mee in KL. My hometown pan mee is like shown as above. I miss hometown pan mee so much. But we didn't name it as pan mee but mian fen gao (in mandarin) or min fan gou (in Cantonese).

This is mine. Traditional pan mee but the mee is made from floor mix with chilli. Add 50cent for chili, seaweed and coriander mee each. Taste moderate. But is a great try since I didn't eat this kind of pan mee before. RM5.30 For my chili pan mee.

Then I ordered another delicious dumpling. This dumpling is special because is a laksa dumpling. I get attracted by it's name so I ordered. I didn't feel disappointed with it because it is really yummy. ^^ *winks* This is my first time ate laksa dumpling. The taste the laksa, it is really delicious but salty a bit. RM4.80 for 6 laksa dumpling.

Next time I wanna go to this shop again because I wanna try all kinds of it's pan mee. Haha~

Golden Egg Noodle 王金板面
23-01, Jalnan Kenari 19A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.

012-394 4887 (Lily)


Last week, I went to Simply Penang for dinner. It is located at Bandar Puteri Puchong - beside Giant Hypermarket. This is my 2nd visit to this restaurant.

I forgot took photo when my first time to Simply Penang. Due to my second time to Simply Penang, so I don't have many foods to share.

Nasi lemak with prawn and lobak
The rice still ok, but the lobak and prawn is delicious. p/s: I don't eat prawn.

Pandan Leaf Chicken.
Yeap! This is delicious. It taste like satay.

Different kinds of sauce for nasi lemak, nasi lemak's prawn & lobak and also for my pandan leaf chicken.


Flamming combo with rum @ Kim Gary.
It is enough for two person with white rice. We can't even finish it. It is delicious. Ohya, there is new menu at Kim Gary and this is in the new menu list.

SEE!!! This is butter in leaf shape. So cute. Haha~


Last month was my uni holiday. So, i back to hometown and meet with many friends and one of the date is with Sook Fun aka mummy. We had our dinner at Crocodile Rock. A nice and great restaurant. It is located at Kuantan.

Sook Fun.

Yeah!!!! Let's ROCK!!!!!

This is mine. Chicken chop - RM 14.50.
Normal only, nothing special.

Fish & chips - RM15.00
Delicious and the portion for fish & chips is too large.

We also order a pizza. We thought we can finish it because the waitress said both of us can finish it. But actually we can't. So, next time don't believe what waiter or waitress said. Anyway, this pizza is nice too~ It is not same with Pizza Hut. The pizza is thin, so, it is quite crispy.


HUH??!!!??!?!??!!!! Almost 3a.m. Is time for me to sleep. Tomorrow still have class at 9am. *WORST* Because my class will start from 9am until 5pm with 2 hours break. Hopefully lecturer will dismiss the class early (as always) Haa~

Good night.

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