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Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is my 3rd post for year 2008. I remember that I get a gift from my friend. Here is my new year wish list.

I wish:
~Daddy, mummy, Yuki, Phoebe is healthy and we can live happily forever.
~to have more time with my beloved family.
~time fly faster, because I wanna graduate early as I don't wanna face with those assignment that give me pressure non-stop.
~God will lead my way after graduate.
~me and ws can pass through all the hardship together and work hard for this relationship.
~Success in my carrier as I'll work at society after I graduate this year.
~success in diet. ^^
~to change my bad habit.
~all of my friend always happy.
~I have a great year and spend my time wisely.
~to read finish at least 3 of the books (in this whole year) that I bought long long time ago.
~to become a piano teacher if I didn't work as designer.
~to know more about myself.
~Happy New Year to everyone.

God bless ya~

After finish make my wish, I draw a black round circle on it's left eye as what my friend told me. For the right eye, must left it blank first. End of year 2008 only draw a black round circle. Hope everything is going smooth although I know is impossible but I believe that with God's strength and blessing, nothing can't work by him.


Another day to crave for delicious foods. Erm.... Actually is my course mate, Stephanie's birthday. So, she treat us at Gasonline. 5th of January is her birthday, but she wanna celebrate her birthday with her beloved boyfriend on her actual birthday day. So, we celebrate for her on 4th of January.

This is my second time went to Gasonline which located at Seri Kembangan, nearby South City. I know there are Gasonline at Time Square and Sg. Wang too~ Gasonline didn't disappointed me on the first time. Luckily, this time also the same. The foods there still so delicious. *yummy*

***Menu full with delicious foods***

***Choco Peppermint***
Nice!!!! Because I like peppermint and chocolate chips.

***Portuguese Chicken Rice***
This is my first time ate Portuguese Chicken Rice, it tasted a little bit spicy but yummy.

***Gong Bou Chicken Rice***
Yummy too~ Both of my friends had ate this dish before, there also said yummy.

Erm... I forgot what is the name for this dish. But this is sotong with pepper. Taste delicious too~ I don't like it so much but my friends love it~ As I said, different people, different taste.

Hee~ Sorry. I also didn't know the name of this dish. My friend said yummy. I didn't have a try on this dish because this food is "belong" to Stephanie's boyfriend and I not so close with him.

There are seven of us. Another 2 of them ate French Fried Rice and XO sauce Friend Rice. Nothing special so I didn't capture down. Anyway, the XO Sauce Fried Rice is yummy too~ We capture lots of photos but is not in my camera~ I'll upload if I get the photos and IF the photos are nice. Hehee~


This weekend, had my lunch at Wong Kok, IOI Mall~ Oh my!!!!! The foods there are totally sucks. There is a new menu and we had a try on those foods. When they serve us the foods, it looks yummy. But, when I ate it. OH!!!! NO!!!! Totally out of my expectation.

***Japanese style Chicken Chop Rice***
Looks yummy right? But is not delicious at all!!!

***Udon Mee***
Don't cheat by it's outlook. Not delicious!!! Haiz.... Really disappointed me. Sobs.. I should know that Hong Kong restaurant is NOT expert in Japanese cuisine. Ate wrong foods at wrong place.

I told my boyfriend that I rate 1 star out of 5 and he told me, he rate ZERO out of 5. He said the food really sucks. But i think their Hong Kong foods still ok, at least is not that bad as the japanese foods they serve.


I was having holiday on last December and I able to meet some of my friends and I feel extremely happy when I "accidentally" meet a friend.

Is him-Lion Wai. Yaya~ I always use to call him lion but I'll call his full name in mandarin because there are only 2 chinese word in his name. Long time didn't meet with him. That day really happy can meet with him and have a nice chat with him although our conversation is not that long. He though me how to capture photos with his beloved camera~ this photo was capture with his camera~ He is great in capture photos. Here is his friendster account and this is his flick account. Have a look at his photos. All is cool.

I promised him wanna go to Melacca visit him long long time ago. That day I told him I plan to go melacca before I graduate and he answer me:"Hg, Don't wanna say you la~" Haa~ He is angry already. Well, i know he is not that small gassy. He just kidding. Lion, I promise I'll go Melacca soon~ (hopefully) Take care ya~

Actually I wanna continue with my blog because I still got something to write but I really tired already and wanna sleep. Last night sleep late at night and this morning woke up early. Tomorrow still got class at 9am. So, I'll post it later.

Good Night.

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