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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My friends knew that I love to blog and I like to visit from blog to blog. Yesterday, I found out this blog. I like his message about What is Considered as a Good Blog? At the beginning, I thought it was a blog that help blogger to earn money through how blogger publish or write something interesting about their blog.

But, I was wrong!! If you have time, just click on this page.

After I read it, I quite agree with what he said. Some blogger just wanna share some specific theme and some blogger just share all the daily or personal stuff they like >>> just like me. I love to blog. My first blog is multiply which start from 7th of July 2006. I have been a blogger for almost one and half year.

I enjoy blogging~ I love to blog everything I like and share with my friends. Of cause, blogging been a part of my diary. Before my blog, I like to write diary. I start to write diary when I was in Form 2 or From 3. Then, I stop writing at Form 6 because lazy. Until I have my own blog, then start it again. The differences is blog is open read by everyone.

Last week, I get a reply from a blogger who is my friend's friend on my multiply blog. I was feeling not good with what he said. He said, "this kind of thing u should not be post to the blog~~~~~ keep in mind and 'shock sendiri' enough la...wakaka......"

For me, I like to blog everything I like in my blog. If you don't wanna read it then fine. I won't force you to read my blog. Even if you don't read my blog and just leave a footprint, I also will feel more than enough. Blogging also playing the role of my diary. I will write down everything I like, either sad or happy. Sometime I'll blog something emo, I'm not sharing that emo. But I just write down what I feel and what I think in my mind. I love to blog in Chinese when I'm emo.

Frankly and be true to myself too~ If they is nobody read my blog, I'll feel sad too~ Anyway, I love to share. Blogging is playing an important role in my life too~ As my diary and also a sharing place.

In short, if you like my blog, I'll super duper welcome you and very happy to meet all of you. But if you don't like my blog, I won't force you to like it. That's my own opinion and feel free leave any comment if you have your own opinion. Enjoy reading my blog and nice day ya~ ^^

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  1. came across ur blog n i totally agree wat u said..just write watever u wan..i think ur frens o ur readers sure will feel interested..hehe..add oil~


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