New Year Eve 2007

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It was the last day of 2007. Actually, my class on 31th of December is from 9am-1pm then continue from 2pm-4pm. Since it was the 2nd class for this subject, lecturer just give some "mini" lecture and a small "on the spot" exercise, then all of us get free at 11am. Hurray.. So, it means that I can go to KL early and without traffic jam.

I went there with my bf. We start our "journey" at 3.30pm. When we reach Sg, Wang, the road had changed and traffic jam. So, we reach Pavilion at 5pm. So, my bf said go to buy movie ticket first then go and book the restaurant that we wanna have our dinner. We wanna watch Alvin and the chipmunks. Heard from my friends, this movie is nice. Well, the earlies show was on 5.05pm. So we bought it and didn't book the restaurant.

***Alvin and the Chipmunks***

Wow, the movie is nice. I like it. I like Theodore most. He is fat, short and chubby, but she is cute and impressionable sweetheart. I didn't know that Alvin and the chipmunks had 50 years history. Well, I gonna watch it again when I got the chance.


After movie, we went for dinner. The restaurant which we wanna have our dinner was fully booked. So, we went to another restaurant, and again, was fully booked. At last, we found a restaurant that did not fully book. La Bodega, is a Spanish restaurant. I didn't know that this is a Spanish restaurant until I found it out from the post card that the waiter gave us when we paid. At first, I thought it was a French restaurant cause of it's name got "La".

***La Bodega***
All the foods' name are in Spanish word but luckily there are foods' description.

***Exterior of La Bodega***

***Interior of La Bodega***

I like the environment there. The space is large. We sat outside. It was a nice and great feeling because it was a windy day. Inside is with air-conditioner. When we sat at there, it was like we really enjoying the life. But when we walk out from there, still got many things we need to face.

We had order 3 kinds of dishes. Almost all their foods serve in 2 different way, either tapas means in small portion or large portion. Of cause we ordered small portion. It is not that expensive, around RM10++ per (tapas) food.

***Enchiladas de Pollo and Champinones al ajillo***

***Enchiladas de Pollo***
Tortilla filled with chicken and creamy cheese.
This is delicious with the cheese and spicy sauce~

***Champinones al ajillo***
Button mushrooms sauteed with in olive oil and garlic.
This dish is serve with the bread that given. Not bad too~ But I prefer Enchiladas de Pollo.

***La Bodega's famous cheese burger***
Handmade beef burger cooked to order-topped with cheese and serve with french fries and salad. This cheese burger also very delicious. *yummy yummy* Even my bf who don't eat beef also eat it and he love it and said:"Deliiiiiiiiicioussss"

***Melon, kiwifruit and grape***
Excellent source of vitamins C, B6, and B1, copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium-essential for healthy bones and strength.From the description it gave, seem like this drinks is so healthy. Haha~~

***Home made red sangria***
This is a home made wine from La Bodega. It taste a little bit sweet. Not bad. Compare with the wine that I drank at Tony Roma's, I prefer this wine.

There are many foreign people dine in this restaurant. Although didn't fully book like others, but there are still many people keep on come in this restaurant until all the table is fully seat by customer. Then, me and bf saw a pretty foreign girl sit next 2 table in front of us. She really pretty, very tall, skinny, big round eye etc. I thought of wanna have a photo with her but I dare not to do so. Then my bf gave me courage and ask me go ahead. Haa~ At last, I walked to her and asked her whether I can take a photo with her cause she looks pretty. She said:"Yes, of course." *winks* Her bf also took their camera and snap. My bf said, maybe he wanna show his friends and told them there is a Malaysian came to her gf asked for a photo. ^^

She looks more pretty in real compare in photo. Anyway, glad and happy that I got a chance to snap a photo with her. Then both of us wish them Happy New Year and so they are.

We had our dinner from 7pm until 9.15pm. Our foods didn't come late, but we really enjoyed the environment there. So, we just sat there and enjoyed our foods with great wine and great environment. I always keep an eye on pretty foreign girls. So do my bf. There are lots of foreign girl dine in this restaurant.

Here is the address for La Bodega.
Lot C3.06.00,
Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

14-16 Jalan Telawi Dua,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.


After dinner, we walked to Sg.Wang. Just wanna see how was the celebration there. I knew there is a concert outside Sg.Wang. When we arrive there, the concert just started. After 2nd singer came out and sang then we walked back to Pavilion. Kinda boring because I don't know who is the singer and don't know what he sang.

I like the celebration at Pavilion compare at Sg.Wang. Sg.Wang many "little" girls and boy and mostly chinese. While Pavilion more OL, pretty and handsome foreign people. There is a deco outside Pavilion main entrance. It is a dragon made through balloons with the words "2008 countdown".

Then we walked to the street (Starbucks there). WOw!!! There are custom fashion show. All the custom wore by the models were cool and awesome. I got the chance to took photos with some of them because too many people took photos with them.

They will purposely pose for you when your camera in front of them. Cool right?

Wow, my dream prince. From the custom he wore, looks so handsome and "men". Unfortunately, I don't have the chance to know is he handsome after he take away the mask?

There are crowded in front of Starbucks with the custom fashion show. Then, we headed to Starbucks had a cup of drink. Each of us got a free gift set when we purchase drink at Starbucks.

Lol. A funny guy aka Yvonne's bf.

10 more minutes before 12am. So, we walked to the front of the street. Guess what I see?

Many balloons are hanging on the ceiling. So I guess they will "release" it on 12am. COoL!!!




Happy New Year!!!!!!

Wow!!!! Really enjoyed and happy. Everyone start dance and shake their body when the music start. COOL!!!! An unforgettable celebration I had on new year eve 2007. There is no spray by others. Love it because I don't like to spray by others (Unless play with friends). I think Sg.Wang sure spray hardly by others because I saw many people sell spray when I on the way to Sg.Wang. I think that's the different between Pavilion and Sg.Wang.

Happy New Year to all my beloved friends.


I bought 3 items from The Face Shop. I saw this shop when I went to Pavilion for the first time but didn't go in and this is the 2nd time I went there so have a look. Then, I came out with 3 lovely items. ^^

***Eye mask, powder and mascara for curl***
I tried the mascara before bought it and it show the result that I want. So, no more Revlon mascara and this is cheaper. It cost only RM19.90.

I get 2 sample and a free magnetic memo gift with purchase RM80 above.

A great year start with a great day. Enjoy 2008.

more photos > CLICK HERE

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