Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today I was really happy. Can't wait to share with all my friends. If you guys read my previous post, then you will know that I have a presentation today. It is a group presentation. The title is Industrial Design Act.

Before this, our group work hard for this coming presentation. We went to KL to interview a company that related with Industrial Design Act which is MyIPO. We got a lot of information from MyIPO and they explain well regarding the title.

All of us done a very very very good job. After presentation, two lecturers gave comments on each of us about our presentation. One of the lecturer said I should slow down my speed when present. If not, the audience can't fully get what I wanna tell. Thank God that all of them understand. I'm a person who do things quite fast. Not even the speed I talk is fast, I drive fast, walk fast (some friends even can't follow up my step), do things fast, arrive a place fast and punctual. But , I quite lazy in assignment. Didn't wonder to complete it fast.

The lecturer continue, our presentation is better than previous group. Another lecturer said he very very very happy with our presentation. He felt entertained when we present and since Industrial Design Act is quite a boring title but we still can make it so lively and interesting.

I gonna thanks to my bf because last night he help me on the presentation. Since he is studying in law, so he explain everything to me include many examples. That's why I can present well and confident today.

Thank God for everything.

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