CNY @ Kuantan

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gonna blog about my cny. As I said in previous post >> I think I won't so enjoy and excited in this coming Chinese New Year. It's true but I still happy because can gather with family. I back to Kuantan with my uncle and aunt. Everyday, I'll think about my assignment but I even didn't touch it coz lazy and went here and there with family. Of cause I felt scare but I don't scare to "mati". I started do my assignment on Monday which need to submit on Tuesday, before 5pm >> it was yesterday. How can I finish so fast? I "curi tulang" lo~ I don't mind bout the marks already. Just felt very lazy wanna do the best for it.

It was a great and wonderful moment with family. This year, I manage to meet with one friend at Kuantan only because I back to KL with family on Saturday and most of my friend back to their dad and mum hometown. Although can't meet and gather with friends but this is a great time with family and relative.

*** Tada~~~~~ Reunion dinner ***
Yummy yummy.

Every year, we will have reunion dinner at uncle and aunt house (father side). My aunt is a great cook. My mummy and another aunt give a hand too~ Thanks mummy and aunts. ^^ After reunion dinner, as usual, chit-chatting session. Haa~~~ I had a great conversation with my sisters and we play crazily. We sang at the field which opposite uncle's house. It was a windy day. Felt comfortable. I felt happy too because my cousin sister from Australia called back. She chat with her daddy (my uncle) then chat with me. She didn't celebrate. How sad.


*** Cute nephew ***
My cousin sister baby.

First day of CNY went to relative house and took many angpowssssss. Hee~~~~ Night, went to grandma house for dinner. Almost every one were there and cute nephews.

*** Younger aunt with both my nephew ***
The boy is her child. Naughty and playful boy but looks handsome o~

See! He is naughty and playful right? We asked him to sayang the baby, but he go and kiss her. Naughty boy but looks warm and cute. Baby nephew so happy. He keep on play with her. This is the evidence. LOL! There are really cute. Love them so much~


Had a great and wonderful time with sisters. Miss them so much~ Anyway, I'll meet with Yuki on this coming Friday night. She found a part time job at KL, so she will come to KL on Friday. She gonna work at Sakae Sushi, The Curve. She said she love the environment there. Hope she will do her best and learn something from work. Since this is the first time she leave far away from home and work. She got her sister >> me here to look after her. But......... Serdang and Damansara quite far leh~ Haha~~~ Pray to God that she will have a safe journey.


Although I brought back my assignment to do at home but I didn't do anything. Just brought back for fun (I think so, LOL). Beside went out with family and went to relative house during CNY, I was so hardworking to practice piano. I brought back the Secret piano book and learn to play those song. Oh my~ My skill was soooooooooo lousy already. Long time didn't practice, can't play well. I was kinda sad, so I keep on practice. At last I can play well again. I learned to play a song >> Secret. I think I gonna buy a piano at KL so that I can continue practice but I think is impossible.


On the second day of CNY, I went to one of my friend house, Kwang San. My parents and relative knew his parents too, so we went there together. He just graduate from Australia. Now back to Malaysia and later wanna go to Singapore find a job since his gf is working at Singapore too.

He bought me a pressie from Australis. *Touch*

***JLO Perfume***
I love it so much~ Smell aroma.

***Just simple love this***
JLO with diamond. Thanks, Kwang San.

He is a great bf and good guy. He is still single but unavailable. *winks*

I had a great conversation with him. Unfortunately, I keep on chat with him and forgot to take photo with him. Wasted. Don't know when we will meet again.

"Kwang San, all the best in your future undertaking."


Back to KL on Saturday. On Sunday, went to Banting with bf to meet up with his secondary schoolmate aka classmate. We went to his friend's house bai nian. Then we went to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi to sing k. We wanna sing at 6pm but unfortunately is fully booked. So, we booked for 9pm. Between the time, we went for movie. Since they already watch CJ7, so they decided to watch Kung Fu Dunk. At first I didn't expect much from the movie because in my opinion, Jay was not great in acting. But I was wrong. I enjoyed the movie. It is more on animation effect. Gonna watch CJ7 soon. All of my friends said get touch by the movie and cried and they bet me will cry deadly.

After movie, directly went to sing k. All of us were so enjoyed. We sang from 9.30pm until 2am. Geng huh? ^^ Didn't manage take photo with everyone because some of them went back early. Anyway, it was my first time meet with my bf secondary schoolmate. Nice to meet with all of them. They love to joke. Felt relax and comfortable with them.

*** Nice to meet all of you ***

I look tired here. It is already 2 in the morning. Time to back to charge energy.

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