Emo day

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yesterday, I started emo. I'm kinda in bad mood. Of cause, I have my own reason for emo. First is cause of my final assignment. Oh! Let's not talk about it. Secondly is **secret**. Yesterday was a tiring day for me. I slept at 7pm and woke up at 12.30am. I can't continue sleep after bath. Then I blog and watch movie. I was just so lazy to do my final assignment and yet there is not much time left.

So, I slept at 6am. I have class at 9am. I couldn't wake up and feel lazy to go to class since lecture won't be teaching anything today. So I continue sleep until 10am+++. I thought my emo mood is gone but it is still there. Frankly, until now I still have the emo mood but the main reason is cause of first reason and 40% of reason 2.

So, I told myself to treat myself with delicious foods. So I went to Marmalade Cafe at Bangsar Village II. I planned to had my lunch alone. While I on the way, my dear called me up. He just finish his class so he wanna accompany me in this emo period. Yeap! I'm feeling happy.

*** Interior of Marmalade Cafe ***
The environment not bad. It is white in color. Feel comfortable when I step into it.

*** Day Starter ***

It is a juice that mix with 3 different kinds of fruits. There are strawberry, orange and banana. taste good and love it.

*** Homemade Hibiscus Rose Tea ***

I love to drink tea. This is my first time drink hibiscus rose tea. Taste good too~ I love it so much. This is my drink and ws had a try and he dislike it and he told me that normally guys won't love this kind of taste. But you can have a try. Maybe you will start to love it. *winks*

*** Adventure Arabia:Focaccia ***

*** Teriyaki Sandwich ***
IT is turkey meat in the sandwich. Very delicious.

Both of the dishes were delicious. I wanna try on Havana Salad as it was highly recommended by many people but there are only 2 of us. I scare can't finish it so didn't order.

Well, I order a slide of Oreo Cheese cake as dessert. It is too big slide so I share with dear.

*** Oreo Cheese Cake ***
Super duper yummy. The cheese is totally different with the normal cheese we eat.

Many said that eat sweet foods can make a person happy. I think so. After I had a great lunch with my dear, my mood was just good but didn't 100% "cure". It needs some time. I hope everything will gonna be ok soon.

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  1. emo emo go away!!shiu!shiu!!everything gonna be alright~

  2. Wow, another temptating cafe... I like it~~~ if got chance wanna go there... hahaha... I can feel the relaxation over there....

  3. hahaha... too bad I stayed in Penang, if not will go to try d...

  4. I've seen many reviews about this cozy cafe. One day shud go there n experience myself.

    btw, hope u r over with your emo day. ^^

  5. >>> akira wah,when y come to kl then go n have a try ya~ Jet>>>>> thx~ I'm feeling better today~ ^^ Beverly>>>>> ;p

  6. Ya, oh ya, forgot to ask, where is it ah??? hehe...


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