Great Weekend

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last Sunday, went to Banting to meet up with ws's secondary school mate. Then we went to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi again. It was my second time went to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi in 2 weeks time. Since it is still CNY, so we enjoy the weekend with gathering, movie and take great foods together.

We had our lunch and dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza. This was my first time went to Bar.B.Q Plaza. I think I won't go there for second time in this half or one year because there is nothing so special with it but the foods there not bad.

p/s: I brought my camera but I forgot insert back the memory card after use it. So, all the photos were took by my hp. Quality no good.

Here are there.

There are 3 different kinds of meat, chicken, lamb and beef. We also order a set of seafood which shown in the 3rd photo above. I love all of it. Yummy.

*** Garlic Rice ***

After we finish our foods, nothing to do. So, one of our friend re-arrange those vege that we cannot finish. Then we "lou sang". Hahaaaa.

Group photos.
The guy with blue shirt, name Joe is a guy who love to take photos and self-capture. He keep on ask me took photos of him. Aiks...

Everyone was enjoyed.

After that, we went for movie. JUMPER. It was highly recommended by Joe. He keep on "pursued" us to watch. My comment >>> Not as interesting as he said and I thought. I don't like the ending and there is no climax. But some said nice. Different people, different opinion.


Last Saturday, I meet up with my sister at The Curve. I had my lunch at Thai Express. I love the foods there.

I gonna highly recommended one food here. Sticky noodle with chicken. It is spicy. I love it.

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  1. i've been there a few times!!i love BBQ!!hehe..

  2. Hi there... nice to meet u here...
    u have a nice blog....

    Well, BBQ plaza is simply delicious, and I went there for once at Sunway Pyramid... btw, I'm from Penang... hahahaha....

    For the movie Jumper, I dont think it is a good movie... Yup, no climax and dint talk much on how Jumper and Paladin came by...


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