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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

At last I'm free to update. I should post this on last few weeks. Before CNY, I already start busy until yesterday. Now, gonna post everything.

Last last last Thursday was public holiday. It was a sunny day. I went to Time Square with house mate. They wanna buy CNY apparel and others. When we reached there, we had our lunch at Gasoline first.

*** Gasoline ***

Yes! This is the photo I show on the last four blog. Not Sunway Pyramid~ Is Gasoline at Time Square. It was my first time went to Time Square's Gasoline. If I'm not mistaken. There are 2 themes >>> Flinstone and Egypt.

We started took photos while waiting for table.

*** Egypt Theme ***

*** Flinstone Theme ***

After wait for few minutes, there is a table for us~ There is a small incident happen. Before we found a table, the waitress ask us wait outside. Then I found that there are people came out from there, so I went in and look is there any table for us and I found it. There is a couple waiting for table and the waitress ask them to sit that place. Then I told the waitress that we came first. For sure, we got the place. The guy's gf was "mm song" and said to her bf :"we come first leh" but her bf said nvm. He is just so gentlemen. Actually we arrived first and wait outside but the couple just arrive and went into the Eygpt theme and accidentally found the table.

Forget about it and here is the foodssss....

After lunch, we went for shopping. Both of my girl housemate are so geng. They not even feel tired after walk for so many hours and still continue with their shopping. I was tired. So, me and my bf and another guy housemate went for a cup of drink at starbucks.

At night, we had dinner at one of the restaurant name 皆大欢喜 at Lowyat Plaza.

*** Curry Chicken Rice ***
Delicious. Aroma.

*** Spaghetti ***
Not Bad.

*** Tomyam Meehon ***
Nice to look but taste so and so only.

*** Char Siu Fan ***
I don't eat cha siu de.

*** Cute and playful housemate ***

My favorite Tomyam.

*** The couple ***

*** US ***


*** Happy ****

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