Happy Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 03, 2008

For the past 2 days, my internet connection broke down. Can't online, and can't even blog. Now, I at Old Town. Wanna blog about foods but I forgot bring my camera pendrive, so can't blog about it. **Sad***

I having Chinese New Year holiday now. Tomorrow I'll back to Kuantan with my uncle and aunt. I am very happy because can meet with family and celebrate Chinese New Year together. Just now my sister message me that she can't sleep because she very excited that I'll back tomorrow. I think I didn't back to Kuantan for one month already. I think I can't sleep too. Normally, the day before I back Kuantan, I can't sleep. Fortunately, tomorrow I won't drive back. Then I can sleep all the way back. Haaa~~~

Anyway, I think I won't so enjoy and excited in this coming Chinese New Year. I gonna continue prepare for my final year assignment. My holiday is one week only. So, the 5th day of Chinese New Year I gonna back to uni and I'll have a pre-assessment on the 3rd day. I gonna prepare and do many things for my pre-assessment on this holiday.

Hope everything will go smooth.

p/s: I'll post the food blog when I back to Kuantan.

Happy Chinese New Year~

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  1. =D Happy Chinese New Year to u!!!
    i miss ur family so much huh lol.. 1 month dun go back also cannot sleep d.. haha.. take care ya.. safe tri back and God Bless


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