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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tag again.
by Kiki~

I still remember that when I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, me and Nicole were crazy with designing magazine cover and here is my first and the only one masterpiece.

But now, we don't need to intentionally make things difficult. Just click here and you can get a magazine cover of yourself. CooL and easy right?

So, here you go~

* Vian
* Crystal
* Cjay
* Lisa
* Jess

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  1. hei~i love the pic that u in black shirt..charming~btw,my skin template??erm,i actually edit it myself..check tis out:

  2. thx... actually d shirt quite expensive~ it is quite simple n u may think dat not worth it but my bought at last coz i juz simply love it, love the simple ^^

  3. Put your picture on more magazine covers @ (thousands of photo mash-ups to play with).

  4. Wow, the one u wore with black shirt kinda cool and pretty~~~

  5. hey! is that girl's surname foo on your left? she's my sec sch friend.. sorry, just got excited seeing a familiar face.

    anywaes, nice blog :)

  6. Rileen Aya, yes, her name is nicole fu~ u know her also? u're the 2nd person who tell me that she is your 2ndary skolmate through my blog. ^^


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