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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two more months I'll be officially graduate. So, I'm super duper busy in this sem especially in this coming 2 months. That is the last lap I gonna run. There are many things happen since last week. I got a big transform on my fyp. There are 2 final year assignments. Each of the assignment will take one year to finish it. That means since last sem I already start my assignment.

One of my assignment is packaging design. Due to some faculty inner changes, so this subject take over by another lecturer. A serious incident happened last week. There are many misunderstanding between us with the current lecturer and the previous lecturer. In short, there are 2 alternative for me to choose now. First, continue with the current design title which I do now. Second, choose another packaging title and start all over again.

I have to tell you that I choose second alternative. Yes, I need to start all over again. Final year project which need 1 year to complete it, and now I need to complete it in this coming 2 months. I need to do research all over again. I need to do questionnaire again. I need to type a thick report again. I need to do sketches again. I need to do experiment again. Lots of thing I need to do again. I don't know whether I can over come with it or not. But, for sure that I MUST over come with it. I pray to God to give me strength, give me wisdom to do everything. I'm sure with HIM, I can do it.

Maybe you'll think that I'm silly or stupid. That's the only way I can choose and protect my final marks being deduct. I hope I really can over come. My faith upon God.


My life was not really good with stupid fyp. Glad that I have my bf when I was down. Courage and all the things he do really cheer me up. Today, we went to watch Step Up 2 - The Streets.

I love dancing and I love to watch people dance. If you watch Step UP before, than you will know Step Up is a movie that talk about dancing. Review of Step Up 2 - The Streets >>> I love their dancing. I love Step Up most compare with step up 2 - the streets. Both of this movie have different story. Maybe I love the 1st step up story most. A great movie if you love to dance or love to see other dance.

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  1. cool~~
    i wanted to watch this but my hubby refused to...


  2. What are u studying there? =p

    Oh, I wanted to watch also, but my friends are not supportive ler, hahaha....

  3. i studying in industrial design~

    well, is a nice movie... kinda waste if not watch it (if you love to watch this kind of movie)..^^


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