Valentine's @ Alexis Bistro

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm later for my Valentine's post. It was a great night for both of us. We celebrate at Alexis Bistro which is located at Telawi road, Bangsar. It is small but feel comfortable with the environment there.

***Candle and flowers on the table ***

...... and here is the foods. It was a valentine's dinner set with 3 delicious courses. *yummy*

*** Blue Magarita ***

*** Long March ***
Tasty. I like it. ^^

*** Cheers ***

*** Appetizer ***
The prawn was really delicious. I'm don't eat prawn but it seem delicious so I have a try. Wow! No disappointed. Really yummy.

Main Course.

*** Ribeye ***
It was 80% done. I started love ribeye. Super duper delicious.

He start to eat beef after date with me. A big sacrifice > he said. Haa~

*** Lamb ***
Not bad too~ but I don't really like it because it taste different with those lamb meat we eat.

*** Dessert ***
Yummy too~ But it was too sweet.

*** naughty him ***

After dessert, we play with those roses which on the table.

"Give you a rose"

"Only a rose?!!!!!????!!!"

"Nah!!! Give you half dozen of roses"

"Haha!!! I'm happy. Thanks."

A lovely Hagen Daz ice-cream from him.

A lovely gift from me to him.

*** Ferrero Rocher ***
Although it is not an expensive gift but he love it very much because it is his favorite chocolate.

Thanks for everything. Love you. Muazksssss.

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