Thursday, March 06, 2008

I feel like wanna cook for my beloved again but I don't know what to cook for dinner. So, I went to Jusco. I walked around and have a look.






Haha~ Then went back and have a nap since it is still early to prepare everything "plus" I was too tired. Woke up at 6.30pm and start to prepare everything. Wash vegetable, marinate chicken and salmon fish. Ohya, I bought salmon fish. This is my first time bought salmon fish. There is a short and simple story between me, my bf and salmon fish.

Every time we went to market and pass by fish stall. Then he will ask me buy salmon fish and cook for him. Every time I just reject because I don't know how to cook salmon fish. Furthermore, I feel that salmon fish is a "high class" fish because it is quite expensive compare with other fish. Haha~ That's the story. A lame story.

I pass by fish stall. So, I decided buy salmon fish and have a try. Hopefully it works (delicious). I wanna share something here. I saw this kind of mushroom in the market and I bought it.

*** Japanese Mushroom ***
I saw this kind of mushroom in recipe book. So, I bought it and have a try. It looks cute. ^^

.... and here is another healthy and delicious dinner by me. Hehe~ I cook 4 dishes include soup for starter.

*** Crab stick with glass noodle and egg soup ***
This is my first time cook this soup. I taste it. Yummy~ He also like it. His comment:"really delicious and yummy." ^^ *I'm flying up to the sky.*

*** Hua Diao Jiu chicken ***
His comment:"Delicious."

This hua diao jiu chicken remind of him about one restaurant which famous with this dishes. I blog about it before. For sure, I can't cook as delicious as the restaurant but at least it is delicious (in my opinion and his opinion) too. A promise to myself >>> I'll cook better next time.

Here is a little more about hua diao jiu (花雕酒). It is a variety of yellow wine originates from Shaoxing, Zhejiang (浙江省紹興市). It is made of glutinous rice and wheat, Alcohol content by volume 16%.

This wine evolved from the Shaoxing tradition of burying the wine underground when a daughter was born. The wine (女兒紅 nu er hong) would be dug up for the wedding banquet when the daughter got married. The containers would then be decorated with bright colors as a weeding gift. To make the gift more appealing, people started ti use pottery with craving and patterns and hence the name Hua Diao Jiu. Depending on the timing if the girl's marriage, the wine was usually aged for many years. (link)

*** 3 colors vege ***
This dishes was name by me. Haha~ 3 colors are green, yellow and white. There are broccoli, mini corn and Japanese mushroom. A simple dishes.



*** Another healthy homemade dinner by me ***

Oh! About the salmon fish, i used steam method. At first, I wanna add some ginger to steam together with salmon (taste nicer) but I found that there are no more ginger in the house. Lazy go out buy so just leave it. Anyway, it is still taste yummy.

Feel like wanna eat again. Lolz~

p/s: the title of my post name happiness because it is happy to cook for my beloved one. Agree right? Hee~

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  1. you are expert!!!!!!
    OMG...i'm so hungry ahh..
    but on diet now, stop seducing me...


    p/s: i have the "hua tiao chiew" also (wink wink)

  2. *shy shy*

    Still learning, notyet a expert. I just love to cook~

    Ok la~ i'll stop seducing u~ so , he won't be able eat/taste my cooking again in this month. Only this month. Ok ar? lolz~~~

    p/s:hua diao jiu taste nice right? ^^


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