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Friday, March 14, 2008

At last I receive dot red card yesterday.
It is a card that accumulate points at Red Box and exchange with kinds of gift.


Just now I talk on phone with mummy. We had a simple conversation. Then we talk about my plan after graduate on this coming May. Mummy told me that daddy always ask her that where I'll work after graduate. Before this, daddy told me to go back to Kuantan work. I still don't know yet. I got lotsa plan after graduate. I also don't know which "road" I gonna walk.

Actually, I prefer work at KL. Higher salary; More opportunity; Many choices; **bla bla bla** Then mummy told me that actually is still the same if work at Kuantan. If I work at KL, salary is RM2000, and Kuantan maybe around RM1500 (I don't know the market price at Kuantan), cost of living at KL is higher than Kuantan. If I work at KL, after deducted everything, maybe the money I left is almost the same if I work at Kuantan. If I work at Kuantan, I don't need to pay rental, tol fees, and other living cost, and family is always beside me.

Life at Kuantan is more simple than KL and don't need to waste lotsa time on traffic jam. That's true. But, I had found that working opportunity in design field is less compare with KL. I still don't know which design I gonna involve. Here are some of my choices >>> interior design, graphic design (but the salary quite low), or event planner. Or I back with other field >> continue my piano course and become a piano teacher in future. The salary is much more higher than others and the time is so flexible.

Any comment or suggestion? Oh~~~~~ Dilemma.............

Beside that, my bf will go to UK to further study on coming August. I plan to go there end of this year. I plan to work or continue my master at there. But Mummy told me that study at overseas is very tough. Furthermore, living cost higher than here. Mummy told me to wait my bf back from UK after 2 years. Huh??!??!!! Even 1 years is quite a tough time for me to go through (without him). Sobsssssss......

Last week, I knew that one of my friend just broke up a 6 years relationship. One of the cause is long distance relationship (LDR). Every friend get shock because we though they will have a good ending. I knew that LDR is not easy to go through. That's why I don't wanna have LDR but I can't. I need to go through. Mummy said is good for both of us to separate for some time. Ya, I agree too~ But I DON'T want!!!!!!!!! I don't wanna go through those "miss him" moment!!!! I know I will be missing him a lot a lot a lot a lot.

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  1. To be honest, starting pay isn't all that important. Your interest in the jobs should be your prime consideration as once you have established yourself in that field, the pay will be more or less identical.

    Besides, studying abroad in not all that tough. it is actually very relaxing compared to student life in Malaysia. The only downside will be needing to take care off everything yourself and no family will be there to help, but that is a step closer to be fully independent though. Lastly, it's not cheap to study abroad especially the UK but if you can find time for a part timer. The pay can be quite handsome.

  2. Interest for ur job is the most important, u have to take consideration whether which one u wan to work and then only can think about the salary...

    wish ya happiness with ur bf...

  3. hmm...You study about design?

    my hubby worked as a designer in KL before...Honestly, SUCKED...Low paid and OT a lot...But of course, working opportunity is a lot higher than anyway else in M'sia.

    He furthered his study in US and now works as a Art Director in global advertising agency...Through his experience, I might say design field in M'sia is completely hopeless. Our country is too conservative.

    Undeniable, they are still a lot of talents in M'sia fighting for their future. It backs to your life goal eventually.

    Good Luck, girl~~

  4. Thx to mrbherng, akira and beverly~ You guys really sweet and nice... your words and advise to really help me alot~ I'll make it as a reference for me~

    really really thx to all of you~

    Beverly,WOW!! ur hubby is a designer? sure he always busy~~ then got more time to accompany u???


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