FYP = stress

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On the previous post I blog about my fyp. When days pass day by day, I'm feeling more stress. I don't know what happen to me. The day is getting near but laziness always beside me. How can I overcome with it? When I feel stress then I will start to eat, eat, eat and eat. But, I have to control myself. If not, sure become a piggy soon.

Everyone is sleeping.
Alone in the room.

Sitting in front of the pc.
Face with the report I typed.

Full of papers on my desk.
Don't know which one I should start first.

A cup of tea on my desk.
Accompany me whole night long.

Listening to oldies,
one of my entertain while I doing work.

Feeling emo.
Wanna cry out but I can't.
I admit I am a weak girl but learning to be strong.

Wanna find a friend to chat.
I on msn, saw many .
Everyone is busy (with fyp).
Dare not disturb them.

Wanna call mummy and daddy but I didn't.
Don't wanna make them worry about their lovely daughter.

I will back to hometown on this coming Friday.
Wish the time pass faster.
I wanna go home.

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  1. hey gal..sorry for last nite!my modem dunno y suddenly spoils dy..sigh..now i have to online at campus..

    u feeling better now?i heard many frens said fyp reli killing them..i can c y u so stress...but dun force urself tOo much..stay cool n relax ya!!

    wish u all the best!


  2. thx alot ya~
    although nothing much u can help but ur word and courage is more than enough~


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