Good Friday

Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Friday. Happy Friday! Good Friday! Great Friday! Amazing Friday! Awesome Friday!

What else?

Haha~ Whatever Friday. I am so happy today. Woke up early in the morning. Prepare myself and ready my heart..... Because I will back to Kuantan today. I am so exciting. It is a great weekend to be with beloved family. I didn't go back to Kuantan since after cny.

I'll go back to Kuantan with my best friend. Long time didn't hook up with her already. I can't able to meet her during cny because she is at Johor with family. So, tonight will be our great time to chit chat and crap around.

Anyway, I only have 2 days to accompany my dearest family because they will go to Sg Lembing (a small place located at Kuantan) on Saturday noon which organize by church. So, I'll back to KL on tomorrow too. To continue face with my fyp. OK! Let's not talk about fyp now. Don't affect my great mood early in the morning.

Beside go back to accompany family, I also back for the election. It is not my first time to elect. Before this, I also elect in my university. Not count? Ok! It is my first time to elect. ^^ Hm... still wonder which party I should vote. I heard lotsa comments from my friends, course mate, on newspaper, tv , radio etc. I can't give any comment here because it is a sensitive issue. Hope I'll do a wise choice.

8th of March is election day. Beside that, it is also International Women's Day (3 8). So, enjoy the weekend ya~

*** Pray to God that we will have a safe journey ***

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  1. Sg. Lembing, great place. Miss it.

    I like the Lembing Mee (林明面).
    U got to try it.
    Is yummy. muak! muak! Hok chak!

    I also vote for the first time in my life. haha.. vote for change.

    Enjoy ur journey...

  2. Still donno who to vote?
    then answer the questionaire at, u will have the answer after the form submition.

    Hope u have a great friday...

  3. ~원 준 偉~, I didn't go to sg lembing~ Only my family will go~ Heard from my dad that sg lembing change a lot~ Gonna go there when I free~

    Amei79, hi~ I really had a great friday~ Anyway, I dy vote~ ^^


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