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Sunday, March 09, 2008

*** Home sweet home ***

I felt so happy when reach home. My home is really comfortable. Feeling so relax, seem like I don't need to worry anything because daddy and mummy are here with me. My bf fetch me and my best friend back to Kuantan. We start our journey at 3.30pm. Normally it only take around 3 hours to reach Kuantan but this time we took around 4 and half hours to reach Kuantan. This is because there is traffic super super super jam at Cheras. At Cheras, we took 1 and half hours to reach Gombak which is normally take only half and hour. Well, it is a long long long journey. So, when I reach home, already late (8pm) and my family is waiting us for dinner.

After bath, felt fresh. Then we went for dinner. It was a precious moment to be with beloved family.

*** yummy dinner with my beloved ***

After dinner we took family photos but keep on NG.

*** A lovely family that cover by protection and grace of God ***

*** Forever Sister ***

*** Beloved daddy & mummy ***

*** Grandma who love me and care me so much ***

After dinner, I meet up with pey geng, kwang san and chee fong at Teluk Chempedak beach (TC). Suggest by me because I wanna eat a special dessert.

*** Man Tao Xue ***
(文头雪 or 杂雪 in Cantonese)

Long time didn't eat this already. Kinda miss it. Actually got nothing so special with this. It is only some ice with fruits and jelly but taste nice. First time I brought dear try this and he said nice. I meet many friends at TC, most of them are secondary schoolmate. I think most of them came back to vote. Happy to meet with friends.

Afte yc with friends then me and dear went for mid night movie. I don't know what movies are showing lately in cinema but I heard lots of friends said they gonna watch this movie soon >>> 10,000 BC. So, dear suggested to watch this movie.


On the second day, I went to polling center with family. The polling center is at my primary school. It have change a lot. My younger sister is studying Standard 4 at here. The room number I got is 6. I no need wait to queen because it is already 2pm. When they check my name, I saw many people still not yet come to vote.

Then, we went to another polling center which my parents will vote at there. I meet with my aunt's uncle. He work at the polling center. Then mummy ask him how much he will get? He said 3xx. Wow!!! I also wanna do also la~ Works only 1 day - 8 hours already got 3xx. I ask him next time ask me work. Hehe~ The payment is really high. Frankly, where can we found any jobs that pay 3xx per day?

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  1. hi yvone,

    RM3xx, really?
    Before that, my frez said that only RM6x for checking the name list. Wonder wat ur uncle work as?

    Finally, they lose fews state.
    quite shock.

    Why u didnt use your administration right to delete the comment.

    It more safe to others too.

  2. yeah~ my uncle won't cheat us geh~ haha ^^ He not work as checking name list, is work inside those classroom~ I think he need to count the vote after election finish~

    but my sis fren, work as check name oso got at least 1xx- 2xx~

    Lol~ actually, the result is something i expected but more than wat i expect~

    p/s: i 4got that i can delete it, anyway, i think is gd to let about this blogger~ If not, kena on other blogs~

  3. I also worked during that day lor, as counting agent lor... but donno the amount yet... haha...

  4. oh!!! So, let me know later ok? ^^

  5. how's nice~~
    i miss my family a lot :'(

  6. beverly, u're far away~ can't always bac to M'sia~ the ticket very expensive~ Nvm la~ still got ur hubby beside u~ Hehe


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