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Monday, March 24, 2008

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Happy belated Easter Day

Sorry~ I know I'm late. This is because I can't online just now due to heavy lightning.


I start to eat super duper little for my dinner except when there is a special dinner with my beloved friends or family.

Saturday night - dinner at Medan Selera Puchong

***dou fu hua with lotus seed***
(白果豆腐花) - RM3.50
*quite expensive huh? but never mind la, got so many lotus seed.

Wow! First time I ate some many lotus seed in a bowl. I felt satisfied. Hehe~ I heard that eat more dou fu hua or drink more soya, skin will getting fair. Isn't? Hmmm......

Sunday night - dinner at home.

Strawberry flavor HL milk with cornflakes, raisin and..... *sorry, I forgot.*

Both of this was bought by my dear. I am not a strawberry lover. Since I didn't drink strawberry flavor milk before so just have a try. Taste not bad but I think the strawberry smell is a bit over.Anyway, it is a good try. I dare not eat too many. That's why you can see that my bowl is not even half of it. ^^

HELLO!!!!! This is not grapes!!!!!!!
It is tomatoes >>> mini tomatoes.
I love to eat this. I can finish whole pack and I also can just eat this as my dinner.

I'm full. Waiting for breakfast. Hahaaaaa~

*having dinner alone on Sunday night because dear went to watch football match with friends (Man. United vs Liverpool). Huray~ MU won 3-0.


Today was my last day work at Guardian. So, I'll get RM280 soon. Yeah yeah!!! I make many friends there. There are so friendly and nice. There is a man work as a guard at Guardian. He always talk and joke with me. He is from Nepal. I also meet a very nice and friendly malay woman. She is a supervisor assistance. She looks young but actually she already have a child.

Well.... I bought lots of things from Guardian because there is sale. Some of the item is super duper cheap. I gonna show you now.

***Olay Total Effect***
Normal price is RM42 but NOW >>> RM27.88 only and with a free cleanser.
This product finish sold in 1 and half day.

~Ta... da...~
I bought 4 pack. Hehe~
Of cause, I'm not the user~ I just help my dear's mummy bought it.

I also help dear's mummy bought 9 bottles of Pantene shampoo. It is extremely cheap. It sell at RM8.88 (normal price - RM13-RM14+)


below is mine.

**Nivea extra whitening milk repair, 3 pack of facial cotton, Silky Girl's eye shadow***

***Julie's peanut butter biscuit*** with new packaging.
It is my favorite.

I wanna share a bit about this container. This container is really useful. It is a multi purpose container. We can use it to put biscuit, fish, sewing tools, sandwiches to bring to picnic and others. Other than that, we can add and join more container if we got more container.

*sorry for the blur photo*
There is a lock. Can you see it? So, we can add more container. That's what I mean lo~
Hm....... I wonder to buy one more Julie's biscuit because I really like the container.

***LOREAL sun block & GARNIER face mask***

I gonna share some beauty tips here. So, if you don't wanna read it then just skip to next next paragraph. But I really hope you read it especially for girls. Today, I read a passage in nu you magazine - March issue. The title is SUN, CAUTION!! I'll just tell the important point. When the SPF (sun protection factor) is higher, it means our skin will get more hour protection from UV. When the PA (protection anti UVA) is higher, it means our skin prevent from UVA is higher. Normally we will see PA++ on those sunblock packaging, right? PA++ is PPD smaller than 8. PPD is persistent Pigment Darkening which is the measure of protection from UVA that is most accurate. So, when PA+++, it means PPD bigger or small with 8. So, what type of sunblock consider as a good sunblock? First, it provides UVB that suitable for SPF; Second, to prevent UVA, must see the PA on the packaging; Third, sunblock which provides anti UV, example, mexoryl SX and mexoryl XL. I hope you all understand what I wrote at here. If there are grammar mistake or something I wrote mistake, really sorry because I was translate from mandarin to English.

So, I do my research at Guardian. There are only 2 brands that provide SPF 50 NVB, UVA PA+++ and enriched with mexoryl SX and mexoryl XL. It is LOREAL and GARNIER. Both of them also got discount but LOREAL is cheaper than GARNIER after discount. At first, I can't see any differences between 2 of this brand. At last, I bought LOREAL because it against brown spots, skin darkening and premature skin-ageing which GARNIER only against skin darkening.

After I back from work, I try out GARNIER face mask. It is a peel off mask. After I peel off~ WOW!!!!! My face feel fresh and smooth. *actually, my face is always that smooth la~ hahaaaaa... kidding* Frankly, I really feel it. Not bad... not bad...

***Facial cotton, facial tissue and wet tissue.***
Well~ I get all this with only RM1 each.
Worth it right??!!???

Do you still remember the malay girl I talk about just now? The friendly assistance? She is just too good to me. She gave me 2 free gift.

It is not bag. I don't know what should I use as. Then I saw there is small tag wrote Laurier. Oh!! I guess this is to "store" sanitary pad. Haha~

Second free gift. Again! I don't know what should I use as. I really looks like a nice handbag. Maybe I can use it when I go shopping???

Oh!!! No!! No!!

and again, I found the small tag written Neutrogena.
I guess........ correctly.
So, can you guess what is the function of this bag?



It is a traveling bag which is to put our daily care inside.
Not bad right?

Thanks Kak Liza. ^^

Ohya, an important people I must thank. That's my dear because he paid for above items I bought.


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  1. wowow~~ nice shopping!!
    i want to eat "tou fu hua"...


  2. when u come bac to m'sia.. we go eat together ok? ^^

  3. u were not working,u were shopping!haha!

  4. opps......... then my intention wrong dy lo??? haha~
    anyway, although i'm shpping, but i still get salary~ haha~ :D

  5. wow, so many stuff u have bought. shopaholic e~


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