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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love to read magazine. I love to know what is the trend now. I love to see those nice apparel, pretty girl/model, hair style design, make up and others. It is one of my entertainment after I getting bored or tired with university stuff.

Actually I start to buy magazine on May, 2007. After that, every month I'll buy magazine. I remember the month because it was the month I start my internship in a magazine company name iPhone. It is a magazine which talk about trendy technology and latest handphone. My supervisor told me that we must always read other magazine to see how is their layout design etc. From that day onwards, I buy magazine every month and for sure I'll buy more than one magazine. The must buy magazine for me is CLEO and ifeel. When I see other magazine's contents attract me then only I'll buy it.

I feel like ifeel magazine no longer suite me because the content kinda boring and it is more to young guys and girls. I start to love to read nu you because the content more compact and I love those passage wrote by them. but I don't know why I still will buy ifeel every month? *weird*

Sometimes, my dear will buy some magazine for me too. He know which type of magazine I like to read. Now, my book shelf is full of magazine. It can't place any magazine more. So, all the latest magazine is on my desk. What a messy table and automatically make my room looks messy. Aiks~

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  1. before i also love to read.. before 2006 :P..
    but after i be a form6 student.. really no time to read magazine.. haiz

  2. so which part of the CLEO magazine u prefer.... i do know one section of it when girls are always hunger for :)

  3. i prefer hot reads with those special topics and lust for life~ U read CLEO too? ^^

  4. i love reading fashion magazines too! your dear is so sweet n know what type of mags u love

    thanks for visiting my blog and do drop by often. ^^

  5. :) yes you bet.... i do like to sneak in to my sister's magazine to read the feelings that girls share .... easier to understand them than too late .....

    ..... maybe you may share with your boy friends to give them a thumbs up on how deep you gals keep secret.... muahaha


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