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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Today is a sunny day but started rain at evening. The changes of the weather didn't affect my mood. It has been a moment I didn't cook. Thanks to fyp. When I back from studio, then I'll feel very tired. So, lazy to cook.

I went to class today and chat with Nic in the class. She told me the dishes she cook on yesterday. After class, I went to bought some cooking ingredients. Yeap, I gonna cook tonight. Just a simple dinner with my dear. Long time didn't cook for him already.

He don't like to eat garlic. So, every time I'll chop the garlic very fine. He won't realize there is garlic if I chop very fine. Hee hee~ I want him to eat garlic because it is healthy.

*** Starter - honeydew ***

Not only high class restaurant have starter. My homemade foods also got starter. Lolz~ Heard that eat fruits before meal is good for health.

*** Baked beans with eggs ***

*** Fresh Vegetable ***

*** Mushroom Chicken ***
This is my favorite since I at younger age. I learn to cook this dishes from my grandma. She is a great cook.

Hohoho~ Looks yummy? ^^

Healthy Homemade Dinner (at least I think so).
Mine is in small portion, because on diet plan.
Hopefully it works on me as it works on Beverly. But our diet plan is different.

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  1. wowowowow~~
    so bad, i'm on diet...

    pray for you! hope it'll work out perfectly...

    sweet girl~~

  2. wow~it looks delicious!
    gambate for ur diet plan~

  3. Yummy, *saliva is on the way to flood my mouth*.... hehe...

    Jia you on ur diet plan ya~~~

  4. u r pretty,u r good!u r everything!man!u make everything feel so good!hard to c girl like u nowadays!u got talent to cook, to serve!
    man!u r wonderful girl !
    your hubby must b a very lucky one in the world!!

  5. huh? 射手, thx for ur praise but i think i not dat gd as u said la~ ^^ actually i'm a gal who easily cry and get angry~ always suddenly emo~ hahaaa


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