Sweet M&M's Love ♥

Monday, March 31, 2008

I'll give you butterscotch kisses
and marshmallow dreams,
chocolate chip hugs
and sweet carmel screams,
Sugar drop smiles
and embraces of taffy
to tickle your ribs
and make you all laughy!

I'll give you some hugs
of loving devotion
with sweetness aplenty
to fill up the ocean.
I'll cherish you, friend
and welcome you fine
If you will just smile
and say you'll be mine!

You're my marshmallow poet
who'll greet me so sweetly
and that is the reason
I love you completely!
Your smile is confection,
your devotion, perfection!
Embrace me and place me
in sweet candy dreams!

by Violet Blossom

Do you like to eat M&M's?
What is the role of M&M's playing while you are a kids?
Did the colorful candies LIGHT UP your life?

M&M's are my great sweet treats when I was a kid. It brings happiness to me. I'll feel joyful and sweet. For all the time, I still love the original M&M's - without peanut. These delicious candies have long been a favorite treat for young and old alike, these great candies are a wonderful way to indulge myself and my love one.

p/s: I already finish whole pack of M&M's. Heheeeee~

UPDATE a little bit:
Recently quite busy with fyp. Every night have to burn mid night oil. That's why I'll seldom blog. Sorry for this. Tomorrow I'll go for an interview as a graphic designer nearby Center Point, Damansara. Wish me luck ya~

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  1. ooo...well, as a kid i love all sorts of chocolaty, candy sweet stuffs;PPP so M&M's definitely in;P

    anyway what's fyp? yea i wish you lots of luck for your interview...i'll have one too this wednesday...hehe, let's hope we both get through? *fingers crossed(and if u dont mind toes too :PP) *

  2. yeah!!! Give me 5!!! Lover of M&M's~ heheeeee~

    fyp = final year project... Thx for ur wishes~ Good luck to u too~

  3. Marshmallow poet~~ that's nice!

  4. I don quite like M&M chocolate... hehe... but I got M&M t-shirt!!! hehe...

  5. M&M shirt? haha~ yesterday I saw a bear wearing a shirt with those M&M's candies and holding pack of M&M's... looks so cute~

    thx beverly~

  6. U saw a bear??? hahaha...

    I got this M&M t-shirt, from Baleno... hehe... u can visit to my blog lar, January post, Obake ya restaurant...

  7. haha~ on internet la~ not in real~ Ok, gonna check it later...


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