Thursday, March 27, 2008

These few days I was so busy with my fyp. I gonna speed up because still have one more month to go. When I want to concentrate in my fyp, then there are many things happen at once. I felt annoyed.

Luckily I have you when I was down. Thanks Ben. He is always appear when I need some one to talk to and he give me many useful advise and comfort. Your word will make me cry but will cheer me too.

Next, I gonna thanks to Beverly. Thanks for accompany me when I'm alone. Thanks for cheer me up. Really nice to meet you and have a great chat with you. You are a nice and friendly girl. Dear all, read her blog, awesome! **Beverly, I'm helping you to promote your blog.. Hehe**

Third person who always be with me is my beloved sister >>> Yuki. A 20-year-old girl but with a great personality. Her words always give me courage. There are too many secret between us. We are best sister forever.

For sure, I can't forget to thanks my beloved bf too. Thanks for be with me all the time especially when I need you. He is special for me. Whenever I face problem, he won't direct tell me the solution or give any comment. He will hug me and comfort me.

I love all of you.

No worries.

I'm ok.
**see, I look happy in the photo**

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  1. you look gorgeous with your new blouse.. hehe..

    stay happy always~~

  2. wahahahaaa.... u can see i'm wearing new blouse... anyway... thx girl ^^

  3. don't worry, be happy!
    thats my all-time favorite quote~

  4. ^^ thx Vincent~ I love that song too~

  5. gambateh on ur fyp o...
    stay cute always... XD

  6. hi yvonne,

    thanks for dropping by my blog and for ur msg;-)...
    sorry, can't do too much reading allow me to comment later? ;-) (already did too much by typing a 'long' blog of my own;PPP...but seeing ur caption, I can't help but to say, gimme five girl, I am a simple person with a simple mind too;PP..(too simple sometimes people get 'amazed' if u get what i mean:PPPP hehehe, my stupidity...

  7. kee kee... wahahahhaaaa~ yeah!!! give u five~ erm... actually i dun mind i'm a simple girl with a simple mind but when times goes by, i feel like my mind getting complicated... hahahaaa~

  8. Life is like this:~

    You don't think about the negative way, because when you think about it, it will become true~

    If above comply~

    then you better reset your mind and turn all the negative thinking to positive way!

    Yeah, is lucky that you got good friend/sister~ Just to share with you a quote that my friend said:~

    Maybe I'm alone, but I'm not lonely~

  9. Thx for ur sharing~ but i never think negatively.. Coz i have God! ^^


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