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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday went to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd. It is a nice and funny movie. No regret. Many funny scene. The language they speak is bahasa campur. Mandarin, cantonese, malay, english and hokkien all came together. Most of the scene is at KL, one of the scene is Old Town at Cheras.

I didn't went to Old Town at Cheras before. So, after movie, dear said bring me there for dinner. This old town is totally different with the Old Town I normally go. It is very big and there is upstairs too. As usual, I order black tea. Oh my!!!!!! The black tea taste so weird. It is totally different as I drink at Old Town at Cyberjaya. I still prefer Old Town, Cyberjaya.


I bought few things from The Body Shop.

*** Body scrub, toning massage oil & glove ***

p/s: I've lost 2 kg in 1 and half weeks. ^^

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  1. seems like my blog inspired you a lot ya~~

    stay pretty girl >.<

  2. i wonder how was the effect if it's applied on my stomach.... haha...

    so :( i have yet to seen the Ah Long Pte Show....

  3. erm.... then u should have a try~ hehe~ ^^


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