Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yesterday noon, I went to The Mines shopping mall with course mate.
I bought this.

Shirt with small flower... After I try it, hey said look like "dai luk mui" (Girl from China). But I don't care, I bought it. Hee~

I love it~ It is a short coat with sleeve. There are few big buttons at the front and behind of the coat is very special. I try to take photo of the back of the coat but see nothing. So, I didn't post it. I think for a long time and ask comments from my course mate many times then only decided to buy it.

At night, my dear and I had our dinner at Simply Penang, Bandar Puteri Puchong.

*** Dark Glutinous Rice Porridge ***

I love to eat this very much~


this is his dinner.

*** yummy ***
I like to eat the mushroom.


Today, I work at Guardian as Colgate promoter. Haha~ Colgate came out with a new toothpaste >>> Colgate Total 12 Whitening. Although I still rushing for my fyp but I still able to do part time job. This is because I need more income. Recently, I need to use a lot of money. So, I don't wanna ask from daddy anymore. Too much I ask from him already. So, I decided to do work.

Erm.... Actually, my family don't know I do part time job. So, if you guys who know my family, PLEASE don't tell them ya~ Shhhh........... I don't wanna make them worry about me and my study. I know that my daddy don't want me do part time job while I still studying. If you can read Chinese, then read this.

That's why I didn't tell them I work. I wonder to tell sister but I didn't do so in the end. Only my dear and his family know I work. Actually his daddy also ask me not to work. He said, why I need to make myself so tiring.

I'll tell you why I need more money.
~ buy facial products
~ facial (my skin is too sensitive, so must always go for facial)
~ I need to but a lot of daily things
~ dear birthday on July. So, I need to save some money 1st lo~ (still don't know what to buy for him) I plan to have a special birthday party for him before he go to UK.
~ Our 3rd anniversary (10th of June) >>> sure will spent a lot here..
~ I'll go to Redang soon-coming June (I didn't think of wanna take money from daddy again, I wanna enjoy the trip with the money I earn)

** My friend ask me to pay the Redang trip money 1st because they need it to book hotel and flight ticket. So, I terpaksa to borrow from daddy first. I promise him that I'll pay back when I got money. He laugh when he heard me say so. Hahaaaaaa~~~~

~ erm........ anything more???????? Can't remember now. Anyway, I must start to save money for my future. After graduate, I have "no face" to take money from daddy anymore.... EXCEPT some special situation la~ ^^

So, today was my first day work at Guardian. I was not employ by Guardian but another company that get a Colgate project. So, they need a lot of promoter in every Guardian at Selangor and KL area. RM70 for 8 hours, still not bad la~ I need to work for 4 days. This weekend and next coming weekend. So, I got RM280 in my pocket soon. Heeeheee~

Workers at Guardian are very friendly. So, I won't feel so boring there.

This is the uniform I need to wear when I work. Looks like a nurse or doctor. When those customer come in then they ask me kinds of medicine they wanna buy. They thought I work at pharmacy, Guardian. Lol~ They didn't realize the Colgate icon on the left side of my uniform. My dear also said that I look like a doctor. ^^

I wanna say a million thanks to him >>> my dear. He waste lots of time and petrol on me today.

> He fetch me to work.
> He came to accompany me when I have my break time-4pm. (because He scare I'll alone and boring)
> He came to fetch me back at 9pm.
> We went for dinner.

I have a great bf~ ^^

We went to Puchong food court for our dinner.

He order this special food for me. **yummy**

Love you dear~

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  1. The costume looked so clean and nice... hehe... no doubt, the food also delicious... yummy~~


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