Ain't easy to be a model

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Do you know about Golla? Well, I'll tell you more a little bit about Golla. Golla of Finland - to bring stylish bags into the world of technology. They have kinds of collections which are mobile, music, digi, laptop bags, laptop sleeves and backpacks. I love almost all their products. It looks cool with the graphic designs.

Last few days I get a call from Sally. My ex-internship company. She ask me wanna be their fashion beauty issue on coming May magazine? They need a guy and a girl. Yeah! I accept it. Sally told me that the guy is a handsome guy. Haha~

Yesterday night, we meet at mid valley. There is a Golla booth newly open at mid valley. What we do at there? We took photos with Golla's hp pouch and accessories. Can I consider as a model? Haha~ I stand at there and holding Golla's hp pouch and smile. Took few times photos, continue to smile. Wanna get a perfect photo. I was so tired with the smile. I'm sure some of the photos show my fake smile. Anyway, the photos looks great. Hopefully the outcome is great too.

RM20 each.
COOL right?

Go and grab it if you love it.

Different kinds of hp pouch mix with accessories.

After photo shooting, both of us can grab a pouch and an accessories that we like. Guess what I grab?

Yeah! It is a music bag for your MP3 or MP4 but i think it can use as hp pouch also,right? There are 3 compartments. Next time I don't need to bring my wallet when I go out, just put everything inside here, my hp, money, I.C, credit card etc. Convenient!

p/s: This music bag cost RM53.

Next, I get myself a hp accessories. I love the blinks.

l'll post the photos once I get it.


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  1. Golla, I knew this brand from one of my best friends... got lifetime warranty rite? hehe...

    Nice to have such a bag too~~~

  2. akira, lifetime warranty? Wait ya~ I check 1st... Ya!!! Checked!!! Lifetime warranty... I didn't realize until u mention.. haha..... I got think of wanna buy their bag too... very nice... ^^

  3. oh...Golla....knew long time d...and owned 1 long time d also....hahah >.<

  4. haha, my friend went to exchange for a new one because the bag broken zor... hehe... so I knew lor... She got a green colour handphone cover lor... very nice lor...

  5. ks, Golla great rite?

    akira, Oic!!!! Their service not bad huh? Means after I bought the bag for 10 years then broke dy then I can get the service lo? hahahaa...... GREAT!!!


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